Sunday, August 13, 2017

Cindy's Featured Artist of the Week - Letrise


Letrise Carter is the founder and creator of the 2017 Black Excellence Award for Sistah’s Place and business owner of Sistah’s Creative Media launched in February 2016. She has added to her talents published author outside of Chief Editor, freelance writer, and blogger. In 2017, Letrise has taken her platforms to another level by adding Blog Talk Radio Showcase to Sistah’s Place. She is the creator and editor for Maya’s Blog which showcase women expressing their thoughts on various topics.

Her Blog Talk Radio Show titled Sistah’s Place has awarded her opportunities to talk to not just indie artist and authors, but has given her exposure to speak with well-known actors and directors across the sector for African American men and women in the entertainment industry. Letrise is being sought after from agents for shows like Queen Sugar, award winning playwright directors, directors of indie film, and publicist for national best-selling authors, and so many more.

Besides adding Talk Radio Show, she has taken her online entertainment blog converted to an online magazine titled Sistah’s Place Real Talk Magazine that features guest writers and three new editors added to continue to highlight and showcase men and women in the African American community in entertainment, film, theater, music, literature, and small business.

Letrise’s dream has always been to write for film and television. She will be writing her first scripts for television/film with the guidance and direction of a good mentor right here in Chicago. She never imagined writing a book due to being afraid of exposing her creative thoughts to the world. However, through blogging and her interview showcases she was inspired to share her dreams with the world. We all have a story to share and you never know how your story will inspire someone else to follow their dreams.

Letrise Carter is walking into her purpose and allowing God to elevate her dreams and bring forth her vision as a writer with big dreams of writing/producing for film and television. All while running a media business inspired by two of her favorite women in media Cathy Hughes and Oprah Winfrey.

Letrise has taken the first steps of launching her first novella series Deceitful Secrets scheduled for release mid-August 2017 on Amazon. Letrise and her team will be working diligently to get her book in other book stores along with scheduled feature interviews, book signing, and book events are under way. She will be giving away signed copies during her promotional period August 2017 to October 2017. Sign up for her author e-blast to stay on top of what she has coming up with giveaways and appearances.

About Deceitful Secrets:
Secrets have a way of making its way to the surface in the present day. However, when those secrets involve a family member, they’re no longer just secrets instead they are Deceitful Secrets that you take to bed each night. Meet Taylor Jackson whose friendship with her husband’s brother Kelly goes deeper than the eyes. Will Devin find out about his wife’s past? Will Kelly keep his promise to carry their secret to his grave? How will Devin react if he finds out the truth? But wait Devin has some secrets of his own. What’s done in the dark has a way of making its way to the light… but at what costs? Who gets hurt? Deceitful Secrets is filled with drama, lies, and cover ups.

You are never too old to share your story with the world. Dreams require work, dedication, determination, and a big vision that Letrise is willing to do that will breathe life into her dreams.

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  1. Thanks you Cindy for awesome feature!

    1. You are very welcome Letrise! I wish you all God's continued blessings on your life/career and family! Keep on doing your thing and what's right and God will continue to keep you covered. My pleasure in working with you!

  2. Awesome!!!! Love this and congratulations!!!! It is a blessing!

  3. Congratulations on your new book. May God continue to go before you Latrine. Welcome!

  4. Congratulations Latrise on your new book. May God continue to Bless you immensely!

  5. Great article. Keep up the hard work and grind, Letrise. The best is yet to come

  6. Great article! Keep up the hard work, Letrise. The best is yet to come