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Cindy's Featured Business of the Week - CheroxieTravel


Cheroxie King of CheroxieTravel is a travel consultant offering customized travel packages to clients seeking a personalized approach to travel planning.

Cheroxie's been in the travel business since May 2000, selling packages part-time, then full-time, after retiring from 23 years of service in law enforcement. Ninety-nine percent of her clientele are referrals, which speaks volumes about her service and reputation!

Cheroxie believes your vacation begins when you leave your home, and ending when you return. She works diligently coordinating the best transportation itinerary available to your destination, the nicest hotels within your budget, and a destination experience you will remember for years to come.  She also feels everyone deserves a “Getaway”, therefore, clients are able to pay a low deposit and make payments on available packages.

The travel industry is exciting and always changing. To stay informed, Cheroxie attends travel industry shows, networks with industry professionals, participates in travel certification programs, and is affiliated with an Africa, Disney, and Villa Specialists.
                                                                                                          CheroxieTravel is a Full-Service Travel Consultant specializing in:
  • Vacation Packages
  • Cruises
  • Escorted and Customized Tours
  • Hotels, Vacation Villas, and Condominiums
  • Group Vacations
  • Destination Weddings
  • Honeymoons
  • Plane Tickets, Train Tickets, Car Rentals, Hotels and more...

Let Cheroxie help you plan your next adventure!!

Contact Information:  
Phone: 914-843-2042
Facebook: CheroxieTravel
Twitter: @cheroxietravel
Instagram: Cheroxietravel

Friday, December 6, 2019

Ask AunT

     Trinette Collier Greene

Q: My husband is a sports enthusiast. He’s pretty much watching or attending sports events year round. His favorite sports are football and basketball and I’m finding myself competing, trying to get attention. He hangs with the fellas and often times they will bring their significant others to the events. I know without a doubt that he loves me. We have fun with each other and much more…I’m just not that in touch with the sports world. Am I being a whiney wife?

Signed: P.S.~Married to the Game

A: I know this scenario all too well! My husband is a sports fanatic and it seems like the seasons literally roll back to back! This is when I throw my hands up like “ I can’t win!” However, there is hope, Mrs. Wife! You are not a whiney wife and not alone. I suggest that you not compete with the world of sports…it will become exhausting and you won’t win, like that.

What you can do, if you have not already, is to schedule some days or nights to watch the games with him. I will do this because I don’t like crowds at the sports bars or it may be late games. While at home, I may order a pizza and wings (sports like foods) or make a dish. He will appreciate that and see that you are making an effort of wanting to watch the games with him. Dress up in his favorite jersey or purchase an inexpensive team shirt. I also recruited some girlfriends of mine to help understand the world of sports a little bit more!

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that it is fun and YOU are having fun. Remember to balance it. It’s ok if you don’t watch every game but be sure to do so here and there and also talk to him about taking up an interest of yours as well.

Until next time, take a moment to laugh, love, live and breathe life!


Trinette Collier Greene is a
Certified Relationship Stylist 
Contributing Writer

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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Model P31 Moms by Bridget McCray

To Repeat or Not to Repeat?

For anyone who’s been a parent for more than five minutes, we know that it’s tough, but an amazing job. Whether a birth, adoptive or foster parent, this role comes with tremendous responsibility, for we have the opportunity to shape future generations.

Some choose to rear their children the same way in which they were raised. Some don’t. Some had a loving, stable home with married parents. Others grew up with a stepparent. Still, others were raised in a single-parent home through the death of a spouse, divorce, or unwed parents. Sadly, some were even abused.

Our children don’t choose to be here. Our decisions as parents can often have a profound effect on them...and even on their children. Our relationship choices, our daily habits, the way we treat others, the way we handle finances: Would we want our children to emulate our current mindset & practices?

There are things in life over which we have no control, but there are others in which we have a great deal of control. The question is: To repeat, or not to repeat?

If we didn’t like our upbringing, we have an opportunity to do something different. If Dad didn’t say that he was proud of you, now that you’re a dad, you can make sure to let your child know how proud you are of him or her. If Mom didn’t hug you and say that she loved you, you can choose another path with your child.

No parent is perfect, including us. The good news is that we can count on the Lord for the wisdom needed to rear our children, and we certainly do need it. If we want better for future generations, it starts with us today. We can do it with God’s help. It’s available if we’ll only ask. repeat, or not to repeat? The choice is ours.

Bridget McCray
Contributing Writer
Author, H.E.A.L.T.H.: It's Not Rocket Science (My Journey to a Healthier Me)

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in both paperback and eBook formats!

Be a light!

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Trinette Collier Greene

Q: My male companion and I have been dating for about three years. We are both Christians and very dedicated to our service. We have fun, love each other dearly, enjoy our families and the families enjoy us! We have experienced some trials and tribulations as a couple. We attend different churches and we have visited each other’s congregations. Recently, he stated that I wasn’t submissive enough for him to marry. However, he continues to say that I’m the perfect woman for him! I don’t understand…what should I do? I love him dearly but this is causing me to have some doubts. 

Signed: T. M. ~ Not Sure About Him

A: Thanks for writing and sharing. I believe this may be a tad bit confusing…for him. It sounds as though he may be experiencing misinformation about marriage, women, and submission. If he is speaking of marriage, this would be a great opportunity for you to suggest seeking premarital counseling or even joining a group for Christian Couples that could possibly discuss this issue. Also, I would suggest seeking the advice/wisdom of a trusted ‘elder’ of both families. However, don’t give up, pray for clarity and understanding.

Until next time, take a moment to laugh, love, live and breathe life!


Trinette Collier Greene is a
Certified Relationship Stylist 
Contributing Writer

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Model P31 Fit by Bridget McCray

A Change in Thinking

Four years ago this month, I was super-excited about the time I’d invested in myself at the gym one particular morning. Why? It’s because I was able to set FOUR personal records! So…what's the big deal about that? After all, it's just my physical body, which will ultimately die anyway. Right?

Well, yes, it will die. However, while I'm still living in it, I want to have the best quality of life that I can have for however much time I have left on this earth.

For me, the bigger issue was the battle going on in my mind. Prior to that day, I didn't THINK I could do the things I’d accomplished that morning. However, when I went then, I’d made a decision to give my best EFFORT. With God’s help and my hard work, I’d accomplished them!

So, again: What's the big deal? For me, it's that my thinking was changing. That day, there were impossibilities before least, in my mind. They were unattainable no more!

I continue to realize that this does not just apply to fitness, but to EVERY area where God has called me to serve Him and serve others. Change starts in the mind!

May I ask: Is there an impossibility before YOU today? I would encourage you to give your best effort, knowing that the Father loves you and wants what's best for you. Though the process isn't always fun, know that the results will most definitely be worth the work! (Hebrews 12:11)

You CAN change your thinking; just give it a try! Here’s to a healthier you!

Bridget McCray
Contributing Writer

Author, H.E.A.L.T.H.: It’s Not Rocket Science (My Journey to a Healthier Me)

Available at and in both paperback and eBook formats!

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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Humbly Yours by Valerie Crawford

ABBA FATHER – Thank YOU for another opportunity to share YOUR truths. Open our hearts and understanding so that we can receive and develop and become workmen not ashamed but correctly interpreting YOUR words so that others can receive and develop and grow. In the Matchless Name LORD JESUS!

In the same way that nursing infants cry for milk, you must intensely crave the pure spiritual milk of God’s Word. For this “milk” will cause you to grow into maturity, fully nourished and strong for life— especially now that you have had a taste of the goodness of the Lord Jehovah and have experienced his kindness.   1Peter 2:2-3 (The Passion Translation)

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good …Psalm 34:8(a) (King James Version)

11 We have much to say about this. But it is hard to explain because you are so slow to understand. 12 You have had enough time so that by now you should be teachers. But you need someone to teach you again the first lessons of God’s message. You still need the teaching that is like milk. You are not ready for solid food. 13 Anyone who lives on milk is still a baby. He knows nothing about right teaching. 14 But solid food is for those who are grown up. They are mature enough to know the difference between good and evil.    Hebrews 5:11-14 (International Children’s Bible)

Developing Spiritual Children

When I was a little girl at my grandparents’ home in South Carolina, I sat in a corner, picked up my Pop’s bible and started reading. I don’t remember the passage, but I do recall my Pastor’s-Wife-Sunday-School-teaching grandmother walking in, taking the bible away & telling me, “I don’t want you reading this.” When I asked her why not, she told me that I would not be able to read the words in it. I remember very vividly assuring her, “Oh no, Nana! I’m a really, good reader! I’m in the top reading group in my class!” She smiled at my innocence and handed me another book – The American Standard Version of the Bible and my own catechism to study. Then she explained that she knew that I was a good reader, but she wanted me to use a version of the Bible that would make the words plain and clear to me.  Little did I know that Nana was my first lesson in establishing and developing a Spiritual Child! My Nana was my first MasterLife Facilitator!

She saw my ‘infant’ need for nourishment and as my first real disciple-builder, began gently establishing the roots of a new spiritual child. Yes, I needed (NEED) the WORD to grow and flourish but Nana also recognized that I needed ‘milk’ just like Peter said in 1Peter 2:2-3!  Peter reminds me of my Nana with his ‘gentle’ instruction to crave the WORD like a baby longs for milk.

As babies, we ‘discovered’ new tastes all the time, don’t we? “Mmmm! What was that?!? It was good and it plunked in my tummy!” Their little fingers grasp for it! “More! More! More!” And our grown-ups happily share, excited about the eagerness and anticipation!
But not too much – not yet. You must establish a tummy strong enough for the next thing. We don’t introduce peaches and peas at the same time, for example, because we need to recognize if there are allergies and what to address.

And the same way we entreat a new-born baby, we should help our new-born spiritual siblings to grow and be strengthened … Established. But we can’t stop there! There is more - much more! At some point, I would need to move from the pureed peaches to a pork chop!

Now, if my Nana was my Peter, then without question, my Margaret is my Hebrews Writer! Margaret is my spiritual Mom and one day, when I was falling apart at her kitchen table, she asked me a simple question that I still apply today. “You’ve been down this road before. What is this really all about?

That was the best question ever! It caused me to look deep inside to the root of the situation and say to my Self, “Listen – you are not a baby anymore.”  
The fact was - I HAD been down that road before! It was time - beyond time - to apply the Word that I danced and shouted to every Sunday!

“You should be on meat by now. You should be helping, teaching, guiding … DEVELOPING someone else!”

From my ‘great cloud of witnesses – my Nana and my Margaret to Latriece and Mother Coates; from my Pastor Burton to my Cousin Pastor, from my Pop and my BishopPastor all the way to Peter and that Hebrew guy; – I have learned this very important thing:

 In the same way that we don’t leave a human baby to fend on his own, we must initially slow walk a babe in CHRIST. The same way we would not serve a T-bone to a 3-month old, we must offer helpful, loving, patient guidance and aid to our new or newly rededicated siblings in CHRIST … allowing for baby steps and stumbles. Then, later, when they face the bumps in the road along the way, be there to remind them that GOD’s Mercy still endures, and HIS Grace is still sufficient!

Then we can watch like I imagine Barnabas and Ananias did, with the humble pride of parents, as our spiritual children walk across the stage, fully-developed – ready to join and perhaps even to surpass us in ministry.

One plants. Another waters. And ABBA FATHER continues to provide the increase!

Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”   Matthew 28:19-20 (NIV)

Saturday, October 19, 2019

      Trinette Collier Greene 

Q: I am married with a 10-year-old son from a previous relationship. My son’s father and I co-parent fairly well, including my husband. During my son’s weekend with his dad, he comes home to tell me that his dad has a new girlfriend who lives with him. I was a bit disturbed by this action however, I didn’t confront him like I wanted to. Should I or am I being extra?

P.J. ~ NotJustABabyMama

A: First, let me say that I am not a parent however, I have had many friends and family members to experience this exact situation. In the father’s eyes, he sees nothing wrong. He sees that you are married, his son lives with a StepParent and he’s fine. However, in your eyes, being the mother, you are thinking of safety and more. In your mind, you’re asking the question “who dis, Harpo?!” You need to know the details of this woman. Not only for safety but for support of your son as well. Is this a potential mate that he is planning to marry or a fling?

Honestly, I believe that communication is essential in these situations…purposeful communication. I would approach your son’s father in a nurturing and non-combative manner but yet firm. Let him know your concerns and request to meet her for your son’s sake. If this is a serious relationship for him, I believe he wouldn’t be opposed to it. As always, pray about it. 

Until next time, remember to laugh, live and love!

Love, AunT

Trinette Collier Greene is a
Certified Relationship Stylist 
Contributing Writer

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Cindy's Featured Artist of the Week - Cortney Haskell


Cortney is a Washington DC-based creative who has always found passion through artistic expression — art, dance, singing, music, etc. ‘Art x Spirit’ was created from faith and his desire to share the gifts held within his art. With a focus on portraiture, Cortney creates illustrations that draw inspiration from various spiritual and esoteric concepts such as archetypes, astrology, and mysticism.

To Cortney, magic is not the same as fantasy or fairytale, and it is with the familiarity of the human element that he allows us to experience the world in its divine nature.

Cai Guo-Qiang, a Chinese contemporary artist, says that “the artist, like an alchemist, has the ability to transform certain energies, using poison against poison, using dirt and getting gold." Recognizing art as a form of alchemy, Cortney’s illustrations are intended to transmute the audience’s perception of how they relate to the world. This is the ability of the creative; manifesting reality through art. With his art, he offers only perspectives that paint his subjects as ethereal, beautiful, divine, and powerful. After spending time with the imagery, the viewer will immerse themselves in the scene and draw conclusions about their relationship to the world.

Cortney’s work is a timeline of his journey with spirit. Every new piece that he creates is infused with the spirit of his creative force, documenting his growing understanding of spiritual sciences and his growing relationship with nature. For the individuals who spend more than a moment with his projects, the imagery will open you up to the magic of the earth. Spirit exists within all things. Art x Spirit is a business that blends art and spirituality in a way that highlights our connection to spirit. It is Where Art Meets Spirit.

Cortney can be found on Instagram and Twitter @crtnyilan, and @artxspirit for Art. For commissions, he conducts free consultations via DM or email: Check out his website for future updates and to see what he has in store!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Model P31 Moms by Bridget McCray

Handling Disappointment

A couple of years ago, my sweet girl had had a rough day. She’d found out that she, along with a handful of others, had all been replaced for a segment involving the movement of large props in their school’s upcoming performance. She was beyond upset and shed lots of tears. I had a hard time even understanding what she was trying to say.

I reminded her that in the showcase earlier in the year, several people auditioned for the solo part, but she was the one selected to do it. I told her that though the others who’d auditioned graciously cheered her on, some of them might have been saddened that they weren't selected for the solo.

I explained that no one likes disappointment, but it is a part of life. I told her that she should ask herself what she could've done better, if anything. I also said that sometimes even our best isn't good enough in particular situations, but we can always learn something. I suggested that she keep a good attitude and cheer on the same people who cheered her on when she got the solo.

When she retold the story to her dad, in his own humorous way, he said that if the job was to move something from Point A to Point B, but it was moved to Point C, then the job wasn't done correctly, to which she chuckled and agreed. Thankfully, she "came around" and was herself again after a short time. She apologized and asked forgiveness for expressing disappointment the way she did.

Growing pains: The difficulties that can help us to become stronger, if we allow them to do so. The situation brought to mind a key life principle that day: Disappointment will come. Keep it in perspective!

Bridget McCray
Contributing Writer

Author, H.E.A.L.T.H.: It’s Not Rocket Science (My Journey to a Healthier Me)

Available at and in both paperback and eBook formats!

Booking Information
Please visit

Friday, October 4, 2019

     Trinette Collier Greene

Q: I’ve been single for some time now. I’m in my 50’s and wanted to know if you think it’s a good thing and/or safe to date in a church Christian dating group?

Signed: L.J. ~ Waiting to Mingle

A: I believe you can start exploring Christian dating groups but don’t limit yourself to just dating groups. Try exploring community activities, joining various groups at your church, or if your church doesn’t offer any, try another local church. It’s always a blessing to fellowship with other Christians. I think that may ease your mind, as well.

As always, when you begin dating and meeting others, keep safety first and let your close friends/family know that you are about to embark on a new journey! Make sure you keep your focus on what you want and have FUN!

Until next time, take a moment to laugh, love, live and breathe life!


Trinette Collier Greene is a
Certified Relationship Stylist 
Contributing Writer

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Cindy's Featured Artist of the Week - Dennis Nixon


Dennis Nixon was born on February 16, 1964, and raised in Amityville New York. Under the guidance of his parents Cecil and Sara Nixon, Dennis began playing sports, singing, dancing, as well as modeling, at the age of four years old. 

By the age of eight, Dennis sang at the Apollo Theater with his brother Richard. This gave Dennis the opportunity to act and sing in plays all across NY City, such as Lil Abner, Bubbling Brown Sugar, and The Wiz.

While excelling in his academics, he completed a 2-year undefeated record in wrestling, as well as becoming Amityville's quarterback in the junior high. While performing in the Amityville Day Parade, his performance caught the eye of Ja'net Dubois which opened the door to go to LA to continue in show business. Dennis played in major motion pictures such as "Coming To America",
"Dr. Detroit", and "In And Out". This catapulted his career to also play in "The Patti Labelle Show", "The Control" video with Janet Jackson, and a play called "Scissors Cut The Devil Loose".

Dennis found an interest in the automobile industry where he acquired a vast amount of training with Memory Masters Institute, Dynamic Enterprise International, and the General Motors University of Automotive Management. Life was going well but suddenly took a turn. While the business was at its low point, Dennis lost four of his siblings, consecutively.

Trying to deal with the death of his siblings, Dennis turned to drugs which lead him to jails, institutions, and death. Dennis turned his life around and started transitioning a new way of life to become a Praise and Worship Leader, as well as raising two wonderful sons.

Through this experience, Dennis also became a minister that took him to different cities, states, and countries, becoming an international speaker and ministering through song.

At the end of 2017, Dennis's beautiful mother went home to be with the Lord. Her passing inspired him to release his new album called "Kingdom Project", touching lives all over the world. The songs on the album are a testament to his life, as well as giving inspiration and joy. Stay tuned for future ministry coming your way from Dennis Nixon.

Contact Information:

Dennis Nixon
P.O. Box 1032
Medford, NY 11763
Phone: 516-848-2373
Instagram @DNixon216
Facebook @DennisNixon
Twitter @DennisNixon16
Facebook @HeavensDensaiahinc
Dennis Nixon Kingdom Project

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Best Seller International & Hot New Release - Diesel: The Dittleberry's Diva

Thank you, thank you! God is good and I'm feeling very blessed. "Diesel: The Dittleberry's Diva" is my second book and truly a blessing! Get your copy today!

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Humbly Yours by Val Crawford

No More Generational Excuses 

“… Put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the flood, and in Egypt; and serve ye the Lord.

And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. 

Joshua 24:14-15 King James Version (KJV) 

ABBA FATHER – Thank YOU for another opportunity to speak to YOUR children and those YOU want to adopt. Speak LORD! YOUR servant daughter is listening! Allow these words to minister to us and as they do, bring the Glory, the Honor, and the Praise to YOU because It belongs to YOU! In JESUS Mighty Name!

I recently saw the following post on Facebook and was so moved by it, I had to repost it:

It ran in your family until it ran into you. GOD says, ‘You have been anointed to break the cycle. Generational curses stop with you’ …”

I love that! THAT is Good News! That is a wonderful reminder that our habits do not have victory over us. ‘We got that V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!!’ (Thanks to Anthony Brown & Group Therapy!)

A few weeks ago, I was graced with a D.C. snow day and found myself engrossed in day-time court shows. One show stood out…Divorce Court. When the judge asked the defendant if he wanted help with his drinking problem, he said something that broke my heart: “No – it’s in me. It’s generational.”

That made me so sad because he seems to have chosen to embrace the bad habit. That single statement was one filled with forfeit, surrender, and defeat. I wanted to scream to him, “Nooo!! Don’t let that thing own you! You don’t have to stay there!”

Several years ago, different ministries began teachings on “generational curses.” They referenced Deuteronomy 5:9, which cautioned on the curse that could fall as the result of disobedience - not only on the disobedient person but also on his (or her) children and their children's children.

Now - I have a couple of issues - not with the teacher and certainly not with the scripture. I take issue - with us. So often, I notice that we seem to stop at the curse. We embrace it! We quickly latch onto the worst part of the passage and hug the sins that fell on Daddy or GranPa … or Uncle Charlie. After all, “a child will live what he sees, quicker than what he is taught…” Right? We’ve all heard it said to someone (if not to ourselves): 
“You look just like your triflin’ daddy
and you act like him, too!” 

And if GranPa drank ‘shine and Daddy smoked weed… then no one is surprised, sadly, when BaeBae … is a crackhead. After all, “he is just like …”

But … let’s look a little deeper. We should recognize that the Bible specifies that the curse would fall on ‘those who hate’ GOD. The Message translation says it this way:

“…I am God, your God, and I’m a most jealous God. I hold parents responsible for any sins they pass on to their children to the third, and yes, even to the fourth generation. But I’m lovingly loyal to the thousands who love me and keep my commandments....`

Deuteronomy 5:9-10 Msg 

If Baebae and then NaeNae become crackheads, GOD will hold Pop responsible first because the pattern started when BaeBae was watching him drink.

And that would be so sad too… BUT (there’s that conjunction that negates everything that was said before it!) … But GOD says that HE will show Lovingkindness to the thousands that love HIM and keep HIS commandments!

Wow! What a Promise! Somehow, though, we’ve opted to skip right past that. If we decide to show GOD Love and strive daily to keep HIS commandments, HE PROMISES to be lovingly loyal to us. And GOD never makes a promise HE doesn’t keep.

When I was three years old, my paternal grandmother died at the age of 42, from kidney failure. Growing up, I always heard, “Val, you look so much like Ms. Mahala.” One day, my sons found a picture and even asked, “Mom, who is this man in this picture with you?” “That isn’t me. Those are your great-grandparents.
 So, I hope it isn’t surprising when I share that, for a little while, the closer I got to 42, I held a secret fear of birthday time. I mean, I looked like MaMa, was built like MaMa and had MaMa's DNA in me. But I hadn't seen the poster yet! The poster that assures me: “Yeah – it DID run in your family …. UNTIL … it ran into you!

I am happy to report that 42 came and went and now I KNOW! I know the extent, I know the height, I know the depth and I know the width of GOD’s Loving Loyalty toward Me! And because I know all that, it’s why I wanted to scream to Mr. Court Show, “Nooo! Don’t stay there!”

As I watched him, I couldn’t help feeling like someone, at some point in his life, had planted the “you’re just like … seed” in his life. And he did what we all do when something is planted. He watered it; he fertilized it, and he gave it sunlight. We all have. Then we look around and wonder where all these weeds of confusion and hurt and pain came from? How did all these ‘little g’ gods get in our lives? And HOW did they get so strong?

When he said, “It’s generational…” My heart filled with tears and I thought, “He has a stronghold in his life.” One definition I found for stronghold is:
“a hotbed; a bunker; an environment promoting the growth of something, especially something unwelcome…”

Believe it or not, THAT definition gave me hope! Because IF the ‘something’ is UN-welcome, that means we can EVICT it! Yes – I know that the current environment may be promoting something's negative influence, BUT we do NOT have to CONTINUE to fertilize it, water it or give it any more sunlight! I have decided, and I hope this helps someone else to decide to do what Joshua urged in chapter 24:14-15:

LISTEN! I KNOW we were 400 years a slave! But we aren't in Egypt any more! Put away alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual promiscuity, gambling - WHATEVER your ‘little g’ god may be – and serve the LORD Today! And if you think it’s too hard to serve GOD, choose what you want, – the addiction, prison, wayward lifestyle – do you. BUT as for me and everybody in my house – we WILL serve the LORD!

The Valerie translation 

I decided to embrace the Promises of GOD my FATHER! When I did, that’s when HE reminded me of HIS “BUT Promise” in my life! His Loving Loyalty toward me! That’s when HE put my fear of birthdays to rest! Because my maternal Great-Grandfather Fortune Haskell founded the Tabernacle Church in Eutawville, South Carolina! My Grandfather, Frank Haskell and my uncles Henry Haskell and Fortune C. Haskell all pastored Tabernacle after him! They chose who they would serve and that filtered into my life! I am blessed! My sons are blessed! My grandchildren - not yet formed in their mothers’ wombs - are B-L-E-S-S-E-D! And you are, too!!! We ARE the Head and NOT the tail! We are Above and NOT beneath!

Are you currently afflicted with a concern, issue or habit? Hold on Baby! Do NOT feed or water that! Paul told us in 2 Corinthians 4:17 (NASB) that this:

“… momentary light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison…”,

Let us listen to Joshua and to Paul put down those habits and behaviors and traditions. Stop feeding and watering those weeds! We are more than conquerors through CHRIST JESUS! We are a Royal Priesthood and a Chosen Generation! And there WILL be Glory, a Praise, and a Testimony! GOD Promised!!

Val Crawford
Contributing Writer

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Model P31 Moms by Bridget McCray

When the Answer is “No”

Not long ago, my daughter asked about having a sleepover. Even though she’d recently had one as part of her birthday celebration, she wanted to have her friends visit again.

Ordinarily, I would have had no problem with that. She does well academically and in her extracurricular activities at school. However, I’d been observing that she had become a bit lax in some of her responsibilities at home.

I told her that this time, we would pass on the sleepover. Of course, she was disappointed. She asked if she’d done anything wrong. I simply said that I found myself growing weary of repeating myself about things she knows she’s supposed to do at home. Though she felt sad, she did understand.

I explained to both her and my son that part of my job is to rear them to be responsible citizens when they grow up, God willing. Though I want them to have fun experiences, their responsibilities come first before entertainment. I am happy to accommodate their social calendars as best I can but made it clear to them that I am not required to do so.

In talking with my daughter, I put the ball in her court. I asked if there was something I said about what she’d been neglecting that was untrue. She replied there was not. I told her that I’m looking to see consistency in what she does at home, not just doing things until she gets what she wants. She understood.

I shared that part of loving her and my son is discipline and that if I didn’t love them, I wouldn’t care what they did or didn’t do. My son chimed in and said, “We’d be spoiled brats! I hate to see people (who behave) like that!” Well, I think he got it!

Sometimes, it may be hard to decline a request when we look into their beautiful faces; yet as parents, we would be doing them a disservice by always consenting. Would we really be preparing them for life, if the answer were affirmative every time they asked for something? In my humble opinion, absolutely not!

We will be held accountable for the children God has entrusted to us. May we, as parents, seek His wisdom on when to say “yes”, as well as when to say “no”.

(This article was shared with my daughter’s awareness.) 

Bridget McCray
Contributing Writer

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