Saturday, March 23, 2019

Model P31 Fit by Bridget McCray


You’ve written your S.M.A.R.T, goals, as we discussed in the last couple of articles, and you have been doing well for the first few weeks. You’ve been mindful of what you’re eating, and you’ve deliberately made time to exercise at least three times a week.

Then, a co-worker picks up a couple of boxes of doughnuts to surprise everyone, and they’re your favorite. Uh oh! After thanking your co-worker for being so thoughtful, you eat not one, not two, but three of those sweet treats. Now, you’re beating yourself up for having indulged. Does that sound about right?

Perhaps, you’d carved out time in your already-tight schedule to walk in the park with a friend four days that week, not knowing that “Mother Nature” would not cooperate. There were thunderstorms on two of those days, and you missed that time to get your body moving. You felt frustrated because you didn’t have any other available time in your calendar for physical activity. You prefer being outdoors, but your available times to exercise don’t always coincide with nice weather. Do you ask yourself, “What’s the use?” and give up on working out?

Our emotions are powerful and play an important part in our lives, even in our efforts to adapt a healthier lifestyle. Things happen that we don’t always foresee. That’s life. We don’t have to beat ourselves up. We don’t have to give up. We can learn how to make adjustments. We do have options.

To the person who indulged in the doughnuts, that can’t be undone. Own it. However, she can make a better choice at the next meal. She could also choose to eat a good breakfast, and/or maybe drink a bottle of water to feel full, where there’d be less room for temptation. There are options.

The one whose workouts were curtailed by the storms could perhaps invite a friend to join her to powerwalk in the mall, go to a fitness class, or even follow an online video or a DVD to move her body until the weather improves. There are options.

As we’re learning how to make adjustments, it’s a good idea to have at least one loved one on whom we can depend for encouragement and accountability.

When you beat yourself up for making an impulsive food choice, that friend will remind you that your habits are changing for the better and that the one choice does not have to define your journey. In other words, he offers encouragement.

When you get bothered and want to pass on working out, because inclement weather wrecked your plans, that family member will remind you that your health is too important for you to skip it. In other words, she offers accountability.

You can have long-term success on your wellness journey. You can learn to make adjustments. Remember that there are options. Here’s to a healthier you!

Bridget McCray
Contributing Writer

Author, H.E.A.L.T.H.: It’s Not Rocket Science (My Journey to a Healthier Me)

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Diesel: The Dittleberry's Diva is an extraordinary tale of "Good vs. Evil" by Cindy H. Reed


Diesel always knew she was gifted, blessed, and one of God's chosen. She could see spirits and sense their presence—both good and evil. She could also clearly hear the voice of the Lord, and she knew He had plans for her life.

Satan is on a mission to rewrite Revelation. He wants to gather lost souls, gain more followers, and build a stronger army on Earth. He believes he has the power to alter what has been foretold about his demise, and he works diligently to turn the tide in his favor. He sees himself as the victor!

Will Diesel be able to save the lives of two kidnapped girls who are intended to be human sacrifices in Satan's induction ceremony?

Will Satan's army of demons possess the lost boys on the college campus?

Will Diesel choose to listen to God's direction or will she run away from her God-given mission?

Diesel: The Dittleberry's Diva is an extraordinary tale of "Good vs. Evil," written for audiences of all ages!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Humbly Yours by Val Crawford

Remain in HIM

ABBA FATHER – Thank YOU once again for the opportunity to share with another. Thank YOU for YOUR Word. Speak LORD! YOUR servant-daughter is listening! Let the words that flow from this pen provide edification, strengthen, and to provide peace and a hope where needed in the Matchless Name LORD JESUS!
If you remain in ME and MY Words remain in you, ask what you will and it will be granted to you …
(John 15:7)
P-raise  -  Glorify, Honor, Adore, Worship
R-epentance  -  sorrow, remorse, regret
A-doration  -  Esteem, Admiration, Respect, Worship
Y-ES to HIS Will!  … Enough said?
E-xultation  -  Euphoric, Ecstatic Delight
R-everence  - Amazed Astonishment, Worship

It makes sense, doesn’t it? “If you remain in ME and MY Words remain in you,” … ask for what you want … and I will give it to you. Just like that. BUT … in the words of wise, ole, Rafiki of ‘The Lion King,’ “Look haarrrder…”

Pay attention, Beloved! It’s a set-up!  Yes, it is! A wonderful set-up … but a set-up, indeed!

If you remain in HIM and HIS Words remain in you, you will soon discover that the words coming out of your mouth … wait for it! … are HIS Words! And THAT is not a bad thing at all! Because ABBA FATHER has a Plan for you! And it is a Plan to bring you a future and a Hope (that is to say, “expectations full of confidence!”); a Plan for your Good and not evil; GOD plans for you (us) to be in Good health, even as your (our) soul flourishes!

Ahh … Now I get it! ‘Remain in ME! Keep MY Words in you! I ALWAYS Honor MY WORD!

If HIS Words are in me – if I am feeding on and filling up on HIS WORD, HIS WORD is going to start coming out of me! And when HE hears “the words that are coming out of my mouth,” HE recognizes it as HIS WORD! As my words (will) shift to HIS (Words) WILL for me… as I start to regurgitate HIS WILL, in words and actions, HE Honors HIS WORD!! And the Good News is HIS WORD will not return to HIM empty! HE WILL Act on HIS PROMISES!

As we walk in (remain in) HIS Word, get ready for Advancement! Get ready for Increase! Get ready to Expand! Get ready for ELEVATION!!!

So, let us Glorify HIM with worship-full adoration; Let us be so remorseful that we turn away from anything that makes HIM sad; Let us with respectful admiration say YES to HIS WILL; and then with Euphoric Ecstatic Delight, continue in Astonished Amazement at the open-ended Blessings that HE continues to shower is in, Worship HIM with our whole hearts!

Val Crawford
Contributing Writer

Saturday, March 2, 2019

      Trinette Collier Greene

Q:  My husband makes less money than I do and although I’ve always told him that it didn’t matter, he seems to have a huge issue with it. It is starting to affect our relationship and I’m not sure of how to handle it. What shall I do?

Signed: C.M. ~ MoneyDon’tMatter

A: This is a very sensitive topic because men have always been taught to be the breadwinner of the household…no matter what. As we know, the salaries for women have increased over the past decade. Some households have not been affected by the change. The man has not felt pressured to prove to his wife that he can provide. Whereas, the majority of households have had some conversations about income and role reversals. It is usually the pressure of society that has come between the man and his family. This has created chaos in the household.

There has to be a gentle conversation between you and him. I always suggest praying first and ask God how should you begin this conversation. Let your husband know first hand that it is you, him and God when making financial decisions. He is still the man of the home and the roles have not been reversed. Create a budget and build. Let him know that he contributes much more than he thinks and it doesn’t always have to come in the form of money. I know you have reassured him many times that he is still the head of the household. Keep reaffirming that for him because it is a bit rough for men in these times. Bottom line, at the end of your day, it’s you, he and God and no one should know your financial status but you all!

Until next time, love, live and laugh!


Trinette Collier Greene is a
Certified Relationship Stylist 
Contributing Writer

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