Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Cindy's Featured Artist of the Week - Adriana Richardson


Adriana Richardson lives in South Carolina with her husband and son. At her age of 25, Adriana is the owner of a Virtual Assistant business called AVAS, LLC. 

With the successful launch of her business in February, Adriana welcomed two rockstar team members and is in the process of adding more. How did this young entrepreneur get here? Like others before her, she was always on the move. From an early age, she was always experimenting with different activities to see where she fit in.

In 2010, Adriana attended Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC for a short time. During her time there, she joined the NAACP as a secretary and participated in the health organization called SWAT. Adriana loved the work she was doing but love took over and she decided to get married to her husband in 2011, following him for the next six years while he served in the Army. It was during this time that coping was one of her toughest challenges. She was away from her family/friends and having to make new friends with spouses of military men, was a job within itself. 

Adriana proclaims to be an introvert even though she loves helping people. She has a natural ability to "click" with people, but the military world proved to be different and nothing like she ever imagined. She dealt with people that couldn’t speak to her because of her husbands rank, to dealing with difficult wife personalities. Having her husband constantly on the go was another huge hurdle she worked on overcoming. She always considered herself a strong person but “Even the strongest person needs help sometimes.

In 2013, Adriana gave birth to her son. She suffered from Postpartum Depression after having him and this triggered anxiety in the process. At that point, she knew she needed help and decided to go to therapy to sort out everything. “In the past, this would have been one of the most embarrassing things to admit to, but now I'm so thankful that I went.” 

Even during the “darker” days of her life, Adriana finished school with her Bachelors in Health Science in 2016 and volunteered at the Health Department in Kansas, in addition to working her customer service job. In 2017, her husband left the military, and they relocated back to SC. She decided to use this time to rebuild herself, and she started working for a local nonprofit organization called I Am VOICES. Working with the owner, made her realize how much she truly enjoyed helping others with their goals. With the founder’s help and guidance, she decided to stop letting fear get to her and help more people! This is where AVAS, (Adriana’s Virtual Assistant Solutions) LLC was born. Adriana and her team assist with everything from calendar management, emailing, research, social media, website design, website development, SEO, etc. If she doesn’t offer it yet, she promises she will in the future. Right now, her main focus is on entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profits. She is a strong supporter of these types of businesses and companies and truly feels they are an asset to our growing world.  

Adriana enjoys life outside of her business. She loves to be out and about with local community events or simply driving around her area. She loves to eat, especially soul food and sweets and she jokes that this can be an issue if you're trying to lose weight. She is an avid coffee drinker (from local sources), she loves spending time with family and close friends, and overall she tries to enjoy life. Her next goal is to travel more, especially outside the United States. “There is so much to see and we only live once!” 

This young lady believes in paying it forward any chance she gets. Her words of encouragement - “If you are in the process of starting up a business or even brainstorming, just do it! If you need help with anything, just reach out to me. My company AVAS, LLC will be happy to help get you started.


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