Monday, July 31, 2017

Raise 'Em and Praise Him - Testimony Tuesday! Tracey

My name is Tracey Hope Johnson. I am a 44-year-old single divorced twice, mother of 10. 

I was in a foster home at the age of 10, separated from my siblings to be reunited with them at the age of 12 but not my choice. I wanted to stay with my foster family. I met the best sister in the world while there. She is still with me and my kids call her Nana; she never left my side. 

I was beaten with extension cords for things I felt were minor because I hadn't been taught what my Mom had expected from me. I ran away, dropped out of high school, slept in cars, and was beaten up while in the streets. I didn't know what to do and nobody even asked. I had a individual attempt to rape me but I fought my way out and that was taught to me by my Mom. 

I was given eight years of common sense training from my Mother and she would pass away from AIDS in '93, while I was pregnant with my first daughter, right after her Dad was killed in '92; she was born a week after. 

Oh I didn't say, while I was in the foster home, my Dad lived two streets over and never acknowledged me. I stayed with my foster sister for a while until I became homeless in order to get my own housing for my baby. In '94 I married my high school sweetheart and we had our first baby that year; it was great. 

In '95 I had Jazmin; the physical abuse and degrading comments started and we fought like hell almost everyday. I was introduced to marijuana and cocaine by my husband, something I never did while in the streets. Here comes baby number three; my first son whom I was asked by my husband to abort. I actually called, hung up the phone and cried. He is the spitting image of him. 

In '98 I welcomed my second son and moved in with my foster sister; due to the fights, we were evicted. My sister didn't want him there so I kept the kids in the house and slept in the car. I worked since the age of 17 and with every baby their biological Grandma watched them and I paid her every two weeks. 

My sister allowed my husband to move in and the fights started back up and the putting him out happened almost every day. In '96 I did cheat on my husband and fell for another gentleman but couldn't leave him. 2001 my third son, 2004 daughter, 2005 I was pregnant and my divorce was finalized while he was cheating. In 2006 I was pregnant again thinking we could fix this. God carried me and I finally placed my Faith in his hands and left my ex-husband to never return. Oh he had another child in 2007 with the other young lady and treated us like we didn't exist. I cried everyday and prayed. 

In 2010 I found out my daughter was pregnant and I cried and she had my first grandson. The next month I lost my 14 year old daughter and my faith had turned to depression. This is a snippet of my life God knows it's so much more but My journey will be my testimony for others. #Faith

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Cindy's Featured Artist of the Week - Nakesha Lewis


Nakesha Lewis is the founder of Kesha Lewis The Voice of Hope. She began her coaching business after losing her husband of 17 years suddenly in a tragic accident.

Her life's purpose became very clear and she became more compassionate for those experiencing tragic, life altering situations. God pulled her out of her pain and launched her into her purpose of Empowering, Inspiring and Motivating others to live their best life.

Through her coaching, others are empowered with tools that change their mindset into a more optimistic one, inspired to live an abundant filled life and motivated to exhibit new behaviors that align with their new mindset. Kesha is called to show others that they can survive anything that comes their way, no matter how devastating or tragic it may be. "It is fulfilling for me when my clients develop a more positive mindset that encourages them to utilize their power within." 

Kesha offers solutions that will ignite the power of change and drive others into their higher purpose. She's the coach to have in your corner as she is a living example of God's ability to turn ashes into beauty. Her motto is Let's Live! because she wants everyone to experience all the great things life has to offer. The scripture that inspires her the most is Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Introducing Simply Cindy's Newest Team Member - Trinette L. Collier!

It's my pleasure and honor to introduce Trinette L. Collier who joined my team as a Contributing Writer.

Trinette, a native of Los Angeles, California is a nationally renewed educator, entrepreneur, and author.

She received her B.S. in Early Childhood Education from Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia and her M.Ed. in Curriculum Instruction from Coppin State University. She is currently an educator with the Atlanta Public Schools system.

In 2013, Trinette became a published author debuting her award-winning book Woman On Fire. In 2016, she added to her success the release of her second book entitled Sticky Note: Volume 1. Her latest book is titled - 
Sticky Notes...They Said What?!?! ©™  Trinette is also a certified relationship coach and has coined the title of “Inspirationalist”.

She is the owner of Trinette L. Collier, LLC which provides workshops and ideas for groups and individuals. She is a member of Strong Tower Christian Life Ministries. Trinette resides in Atlanta and enjoys being with her family, husband, and friends. She loves helping others, learning, spoken word, music, and danc

Trinette will be writing a feature once monthly with her very own creative style and flow. "Sticky Notes" will go live at the end of August so please help me welcome Trinette to the Simply Cindy team and to our blogging community!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Introducing Simply Cindy's Newest Team Member - Beverly Branch!

It's my pleasure and honor to introduce Beverly Branch who joined my team as a Contributing Writer. 

Beverly, born and raised in New Brunswick, NJ, later migrated to the DC, MD area in 1988. A single parent of three beautiful grown children; two daughters 27, 28, and a son, 20, and a God sent daughter 30 that she adopted into her family.  She has seven beautiful grandchildren, as well as a Mom and NanNan to many. 

Beverly received the Lord as her Savior and was Baptized at First Baptist Church in Somerset NJ at the tender age of 10. She is the Founder of Women In Fellowship Ministries," WIF", a ministry that the Lord gave to her in 2004. She is a writer, encourager, and intercessor by nature. She loves helping others, traveling, being a caretaker to the elderly, troubled teens, single parents and following whatever direction God leads her.

Beverly will be writing a feature once monthly with her very own creative style and flow. "Beverly's Beatitudes" will go live within the next few days so please help me welcome Beverly to the Simply Cindy team and to our blogging community!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Introducing Simply Cindy's Newest Team Member - Terrie Jackson!

It's my pleasure and honor to introduce Terrie Jackson who joined my team as Lead Recruiter. 

Terrie is a native of Severn, MD, born in Baltimore City, now residing in Glen Burnie, MD. 

Terrie has three beautiful children, two girls, a son, and one grandchild. She works for the United States Postal Service for 14 years. She's a member of Mount Lebanon Baptise Church, where Dr. Franklin Lance is Pastor, Minister of Divinity. Terrie has a love for tigers and most big cats. She loves spending time with family and friends.

Terrie will be marketing/soliciting for our weekly features - "Cindy's Featured Artist of the Week" and "Raise 'Em and Praise Him - Testimony Tuesday", along with a host of upcoming features. Please help me welcome Terrie to the Simply Cindy team and to our blogging community!

Raise 'Em and Praise Him - Testimony Tuesday! Edwin

Hi, my name is Edwin Kline and I am honored to share a testimony of The power of the most-high God. I trust and believe that my experience will one day encourage someone who is in over their head and ready to give up on life. 

I used to be a drug dealer. I was also a gang member, running the streets selling crack and living the kind of life that would eventually land me in jail facing the rest of my life. I was arrested in North Carolina for drug trafficking, possession of weapons of mass destruction, also with the intent to sell. 

Prior to my arrest, God gave me a warning sign through a woman; not just any woman, this woman was the owner of one of the trap houses I used to stash and sell product from. She was also a pastor. When she heard what I was doing she chose to invite me to her home instead of calling the cops. I accepted the invitation to dinner and when I walked in her home, her entire family sat a the table for dinner, unlike anything I'd ever experienced in my life. 

Before we began eating she prayed then looked my way and said God gave her a vision of my future. She saw me preaching and helping others find their way back to Christ. At the time I couldn't believe her nor did I understand what was happening. She then said, "...but you're going through some things and God is going to reveal himself to you." Fast forward and here I am, locked up, in way over my head, facing the rest of my life so I called the woman who raised me. She was a minister and she told me God spoke to her and said, whenever she speaks to me to say I must read the entire book of psalms until God speaks to me and I just knew I wasn't ever coming home. She couldn't be serious, (is what I was saying to myself) but hey, what's the worst that could happen? So I got off the phone, went to my cell and began reading. I repeated that all day and night. I attached myself to the cries of David, the cries for help, for forgiveness. I promised to change as I read and one night as I slept, a voice called my name.

I woke up still in a dream and was kneeling before God crying my heart out asking for forgiveness and He spoke and told me how much He loved me then He showed me two people that were going to help me get out of jail. One was a stranger, the other was the stranger's lawyer. After my dream, I woke up feeling better than ever. I felt free. I felt like all the time I thought I was all alone, wow, I wasn't - He was there. I couldn't explain what happened to me to just anybody so I called my Aunt the one who gave me the message. She wasn't surprised at all - although happy, she always read that bible and now I understood why. 

A few days later I met a new inmate that grew up not too far from me so we became cool, then he began telling of this great lawyer he had and right then I thought of the dream I dreamt. When I called the lawyer and explained my case to him, what he'd say next confirmed the Greatness of God! Each word he said is exactly what God said he would say when I met him. I was released and all the charges were dismissed except for a minor offense which I already had enough time in for, so I say to anyone that doesn't believe God is there - He is!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Humbly Yours - by Valerie Crawford

1 How well God must like you—…

3You’re a tree replanted in Eden,
bearing fresh fruit every month,
Never dropping a leaf,
always in blossom.

Psalm 1:1a; 3 The Message (MSG)

I’d like to start where the preachers in my life have almost always begun:

LORD – let me decrease now as YOU increase and receive Glory here. Let the words that flow from this pen serve to provide edification for another, to give strength, peace, and hope where needed – in the Matchless Name LORD JESUS!

I’m growing this tree. You may call it my “Promise” Tree, my “After This” Tree or my “Tree for every Season.” Whatever you decide to call it.

Many years ago, my Bishop preached a Word about that “… tree planted by the rivers of water …” The Message Bible says that ‘I’ am that ”… tree replanted in Eden…” That excites me and I’ll explain why. I had expected to be a little further ahead than I currently find myself. However, I have learned the “Secret of the Properly-Placed BUT”! The secret is this: When placed properly in a sentence, the word ‘but’ negates whatever has been previously said or written (exclamation point because that is exciting news!).

Psalm 1 is my “properly placed but!” And the reason I am growing my tree! Verse 1 (in the Message Bible) starts off by saying that “GOD must really like…” [me]. And when I give it a moment of thought, I think, “Yeaaahhh!! HE does.” There’s a gospel song that goes, “As I look back over my life, I can truly say, that I’ve been blessed! I have a testimony!” And while I unpretentiously admit that, no – everything is not perfect, All IS well, and what is not, will be! How do I know? Because GOD Promised. I get so excited about the “replanted” tree because, truth be known, as ‘trees’ go, I had been uprooted. I was jobless and believed that after my divorce, I couldn’t minister to anyone. Uprooted.

I live in a community that is situated within a regional park and there are trees everywhere. In some instances, due to the weather patterns of the Mid-Atlantic region, I notice that sometimes the trees that live in my park have fallen. I don’t mean that the leaves fall because it is autumn. It’s a combination of things. First, there is the weight of the ice in January plus the snow in February. Add to that the harsh rains of April and the winds of May. Before you know it, the vicissitudes of life can cause an entire tree to lift, from its roots, completely out of the ground. Never have I ever seen the park stewards come down to raise an uprooted tree and prop it up with sticks and ropes until the roots find their way back into the soil. What happens is, the overseers come out, pull the saw off the back of the truck and start cutting, from the trunk to the branches, and what may have once been a lovely and productive tree, no longer yields seeds that produce fruit to sustain area critters or blown in different directions to grow new trees or even shade on a warm summer day - all that potential - uprooted.

BUT – then I read verse 3 and became encouraged! Verse 3 points out that the tree (me) has been RE-Planted! And not only RE-Planted but Re-Planted in EDEN! Reeaalllyy? Eden? That beautiful place? That flourishing place? GOD is telling me that after all the things I’ve been through, I still get to have Joy! This IS Good News!

When I read that, I felt as if someone had poured ‘Miracle-Gro’ all over me! Which brings us to my tree! As I have felt my own roots digging deeper, I wanted a visual aide so I started saving seeds from an assortment of different fruit trees; apples, oranges, avocados, peaches, and plums! I planted them all together as a physical reminder of ‘my’ tree that will very soon, bear fruit and always blossom, never losing a leaf!!! I will NOT wither! I have a purpose! I am a Royal Priesthood and Chosen Generation! Because GOD promised! Yes and Amen!!!

I’m growing this tree. You can call it my “Promise” Tree, my “After This” Tree, or my “Tree for every Season.” Whatever you decide, you may call it.

Valerie Crawford
Contributing Writer

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Raise 'Em and Praise Him - Testimony Tuesday! Stephanie

I didn’t grow up in a religious home. Sure, we went to Catholic church. We learned how to use the rosary, go to the confessional, and make a habit of attending church. It was always more about the action itself as if to mark it off a checklist rather than the importance of a relationship with God. 

We strayed away from the church because my parents believed in giving us the option to go if we so chose. I did not too often go back to church, but periodically as I grew into adulthood, I would find myself desiring to go. I would go by choice in college from time to time with different friends, but I then strayed away from it all over again. I began this journey into adulthood, so lost and confused. I went from an academic superstar (all of my life) to being politely told that because of the decline of my GPA and my lack of ability to bring it up to college level standards, I was not allowed to continue on my journey for at least a year. I was devastated. This is not who I was and I somehow failed. I somehow let other things define me and I forgot how to be successful. I simply didn’t know how. In hindsight, I realize it was because I had lost my flame. I lost my direction. I tried to fulfill a role others wanted for me and not the one God created. I looked to others for my direction not realizing it is not for them, it is for HIM. I decided to work full time. I got involved in not one, but two unhealthy relationships back to back. I somehow could never get back on the path to a bright future like everyone believed I had. I let myself down and let down those who believed in me. Most of all, I think even though I didn’t really have a relationship with God, in some ways, I believed I let Him down too. How can someone like HIM love me with all of my imperfections and mistakes?

This path I unknowingly continued on was so dark while disguised by what I thought was fun and popularity. I became something based on a completely different set of values than what I knew. It was more of how people around me approved of me. I was not proud of this person because I knew I was deserving and better than what I allowed myself to be. Somehow, when you get wrapped up in the world, you lose yourself. One day, something happens and it hits you. Suddenly, you’re in the pits and there’s no one (at least it feels like it) to save you from yourself.

I reached rock bottom, I had sabotaged all of my good relationships with people; I was depressed, full of anxiety, ashamed, and felt entirely alone. I was ashamed of who I had become. I was giving up on myself and I was entirely hopeless. It’s not like I was engaged in drugs or alcoholism. It was my dependency on the world that didn’t sit right in my spirit. It was my dependency on people. I only had one thing left to try before I gave up completely. See, I heard once if you are still here on Earth, God has a purpose or plan for you to fulfill. So one night on a drive home, completely heartbroken and sobbing out of control, I yelled at God so angry and hurt. “Why am I here???? WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?? IF I’M STILL HERE, PLEASE TELL ME. PLEASE SHOW ME WHAT IT IS YOU WANT ME TO DO AND I’LL DO IT.” I pleaded with God to show it to me because I knew if I was here, I had a purpose. I just had not found it yet. If God really wanted me to be here, surely He would guide me.

After my plea to God, I didn’t give it much thought. I just continued on as I usually did and marked that moment off as one of those desperate, sad moments I often faced around that time. Except for this time, I actually reached out to something/someone I wasn’t entirely sure I believed in.

A few weeks later, I went to a musical. Anyone who knows me, knows I come from a military family. My father served 22 years in the Army as an infantryman. I’ve always been proud of that. This particular musical was performed by active duty military members. With eagerness, I attended the show to support the subculture I grew up in. Before the show, a gentleman spoke to the crowd and gave his appreciation for the community’s support. He had severe physical injuries, a result from a deployment overseas. When I saw him, I remember the overwhelming feeling of wanting to help him and people like him. I knew at that moment, I wanted to work with military members and Veterans and provide them the help they needed to overcome the repercussions of sacrifice to our country. I wanted to help military kids like me who don’t understand why our parents are the way they are sometimes, this time from invisible injuries we can’t quite comprehend.

I decided to speak to my college mentor/ advisor. At that time, I was completing my last year of my undergrad degree. I said, “I want to help military people. I want to be a counselor for them. What can I do?” My advisor said, “It’s funny you say that. USC just announced their Masters of Social Work program will have a military specialization program they are starting soon. You should really look into it.” Upon further research, USC Columbia was one of the only few Social Work programs that offered a Military specialization. ONLY A FEW in the entire NATION and one of them so happened to be in the city I lived. I thought to myself, “This surely is a sign”.

I knew from the depths of my heart, THIS WAS IT. After all, I asked HIM. For once, I believed in HIS power to show me something I had been missing and here it was. I didn’t go into this prayer thinking He’d actually answer it, but the special part about it is I knew it took my darkest days to try to believe in Him. He already knew this though.

Two years later, I applied to graduate school and to the very program, my mentor told me about. I took a leap of faith and reminded myself, if this is what HE wants for me, it will happen. I was accepted. I’m in my last year of the Social Work program (my program is 3 years long). During our program, we are required to fulfill two years of field practice. Similar to a residency for doctors. Our last year, we get to choose where we would like to do our internship. Just like a job, we had to be interviewed and go through a rigorous process to be selected. I just got offered my dream internship working directly with our Nation’s Veterans.

I applied for many internships, and this by far is the most competitive. It is the most difficult internship to get into. I knew He would take me where He wanted me to go. I just needed to have faith. The day I received the offer was by far one of the most overwhelming days of my life (in a good way). I didn’t get in because I was smart, or I have maintained a 3.9 GPA in graduate school. I didn’t get in because I knew someone. I didn’t get in because of ME. I got in because of HIM. I cried so much because I knew everything I had been through had brought me to this moment. I felt so loved because He made a promise and He kept it. My purpose, my calling, had quickly turned into my dream because I knew there was no greater love than His and because of His love, He grants you these promises. I knew if I followed Him, He would give me something far more than I could ever imagine. That’s why His purpose for me became my dream.

The best part about all of this is no matter how many times I failed, no matter how many times I wanted to give up, no matter how many times I lost hope, or lost my way, God always waited for me. He always received me lovingly, and HE always always showed me grace. I, for the first time in my life, felt a love so unconditional and surreal. I was a mess and He still loved me in all of my messiness. He still loved me even in my brokenness. That is something I can never completely understand, especially when there are days where I can hardly love myself. But there are these small, special moments where I feel Him remind me not who I am, but WHOSE I am, and I remember that it is beyond an honor to be loved by HIM. But to be loved by Him is not some privilege only the special among us can have. It is for everyone. No matter where you are, who you are, or what you have done, He waits for you TOO. Sometimes this world is so ugly and sometimes people make us believe we aren’t worthy of love. I can assure you, HE LOVES YOU TOO. Just reach for Him, and he will receive you too. He’s waiting for you.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Cindy's Featured Artist of the Week - Sylvia


Sylvia Williams is an enthusiastic 28 years old native of Columbia, South Carolina. She has always had a passion for the Arts. Whether it was dancing, singing, story writing or arts and crafts, Sylvia always had something creative going on.

After attending Columbia High and A.C. Flora High Schools in her home state, Sylvia decided to attend Brenau University in Gainesville, GA to pursue a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts for Graphic Design.

Currently, Sylvia provides freelance graphic and studio art services through her small business "SPW Creations". As a freelancer, Sylvia has completed projects of varied levels, including; logo/ identity designs, event flyers, brochures, menus, personal paintings, and much more. With a collection of poems, drawings, photographs, paintings, and digital graphics, she aspires to produce her own art exhibits worldwide as well as owning a prominent design firm.

Putting God first and being involved in the community is also important to Sylvia. As a young African American female, Sylvia pushes to impact others who surround her with positivity and a seed of encouragement. She believes that it is not where you come from, but who you become in life.


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Introducing Simply Cindy's Newest Team Member - Valerie Crawford!

It's my pleasure and honor to introduce Valerie Crawford who joined my team as a Contributing Writer. 

Valerie is a native of Washington, DC where she attended the DC Public Schools and the Georgetown School of Science and Arts for Applied Healthcare. She began her career in the Federal Government in 1984 serving with the USDA, Dept. of Commerce and most recently at the Dept. of Veteran Affairs.

Valerie is a member of The Sanctuary@Kingdom Square (TSAKS) where Anthony G. Maclin is the Pastor. There, she has served on various ministries including Sunday School Teacher and A Company of Saints Drama Ministry.

She currently resides in Southern Maryland and is the mother of three Eagle Scouts.

Valerie will be writing a feature twice monthly with her very own creative style and flow. "Humbly Yours" will go live within the next few days so please help me welcome Valerie to the Simply Cindy team and to the blogging community!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Raise 'Em and Praise Him - Testimony Tuesday! Sabrina St. Rose


I Controlled My Own Destiny by Sabrina St. Rose

What do you do when you have wept and cannot weep anymore? What do you do when everything crumbles and falls right in front of you? Honestly, if I had a nickel for every time I fell and had to get back up in my life I'd be rich by now!

I knew the Scriptures. I knew that my creator was, " A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.(Psalms 68 v5). But I wrestled with that reality in so many of my dark moments. I felt that I wasn't important enough for anyone to listen to and why would God listen to me? I really struggled my entire life being that painfully quiet person who didn't feel worthy of being listened to and it's difficult to write about this but many times I wrestled in my solitude, alone in these self-hating thoughts. I believed these lies that were seeded in me from the dark side of not having faith and left open and vulnerable in my heart to self-deprecating behavior and thoughts. I was so low that I didn’t know that I didn’t have to carry this burden alone.
God Wanted My Pain

I remember that inevitable moment thinking I can't do this thing called life alone! Somebody so perfect created me to do amazing things and I have not only thought he let me down but all along it's been me not being present for my Master and Father.

I won't state how old this happened but I felt certain it was late in the game of life to wake up and smell the coffee. I realized that there was greater meaning for my life too and that I couldn't figure it out because I hadn't surrendered -dedicated my life to serving God.

I was too busy as a young woman trying to please everyone else, trying to make my relationships work, so much so that I had factored little time in if any, for God and me to be the first relationship and main priority.

I remember one lonely night hugging my daughter at the time only about three and realizing we had nothing but one another. I felt like a failure but along with everything else in my life, God wanted me to trust him with my pain. I kept thinking if God lead me here it's for a reason and he wanted me to trust in him enough that he would deliver me out of my despair. I asked God to please take all of my problems from me and let me focus on being a good Mom and a solid provider to her. And so God provided soon from the wreckage. I rebuilt my life yet again, worked two jobs saved and paid for her to go to a Christian school as a thank-you to my creator and yet again move along his path.

So I am the first to say that I am spreading the fabulous news that being strong is not exclusive to anyone special. Plain and simple I train for God, I am his humble servant, I have made my temple a celebration and praise to the gift of health he has given me not a tomb anymore to hurt myself or wallow in despair.

My testimonial is that to feel strong, to be healthy you need to give ALL your PAIN to God. Everyone has been hurt and tomorrow doesn't promise you a future without pain or hurt from people that come into your life but how you manage that with God in your life is critical for your overall harmony and further deepening of love with your own creator.

To be harmonious and happy you need to forgive yourself first and then forgive anyone who has hurt you, it's impossible to move on to positive energy while festering in a drop of darkness; it just doesn't work for the work that you have ahead in serving God. Remember as in your trials and tribulations Luke 6: 27-28 “But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, 28 bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.



Coach Sabrina St. Rose
Certified NESTA Personal Trainer
Faith In You Fitness LLC

Phone Number: (410) 417-8742.
FB Page:
Order Isagenix Product from Coach Sabrina's Site Today at:

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Cindy's Featured Artist of the Week - S & D Cleaning Service


From Teaching to Cleaning

In 2013, I transitioned from teaching in elementary school classrooms to serving others through residential cleaning. A lot of people asked how the idea of cleaning came up. My answer: It was shown to me through pure vision and I just allowed the Spirit to guide all of my steps in starting S & D Cleaning Service. 

I always knew growing up, that I wanted to own a business, but never in a million years did I know that it was going to really happen, BUT GOD! Currently, we are trying to expand and get our name out in both the residential and commercial realm so that we can add more to our portfolio, but more than that, serve. I have met a lot of different people, even through our short time of being established, and I am so grateful because in meeting these people, whether going through a physical or mental struggle, each one is a blessing in my life as I am in theirs. 

My goal/mission is to employ and train people, but not just any old body, I want to help those that are having a tough time finding employment (single mothers, fathers, those with misdemeanors, etc.) I want to build a team that is willing and ready to serve. 

Phone: 803-414-0842