Friday, March 16, 2018

Q: What is a teachable spirit? I was told that I didn’t have a teachable spirit… could you explain?

Signed: C.P. ~ Willing to Learn

A: I commend you for wanting to know about your spirit. It’s not easy to accept criticism from others for yourself. Having a teachable spirit simply means that you are not willing to listen and learn from others. You are possibly giving off the vibe that you don’t need anyone or you can do it all. You may feel like what someone is telling you is unimportant. This can sometimes be perceived as rude and arrogant.

However, this may be the opposite of who you are. You may be a person that doesn’t like to burden anyone. You may be a person that is trying to do it all but with good intentions. Evaluate your personality and see if you can see yourself the way others see you. How do you handle constructive criticism? Do you dispute or simply try to make your point in discussions? Are you a team builder? These are just a few questions that you can begin with. Also, reach out to the person/people who shared their views with you. Ask them what is it that they see?

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Trinette Collier Green is a Certified Relationship Stylist
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