Tuesday, July 14, 2015

ExxonMobil Homage by Cindy H. Reed

At times feeling like I can't slow down because there's so much to do; I find myself overworking every aspect in my life.  With so much to do, I can't seem to get a grip on slowing down.  I think that's because I really don't want to slow down.  I'm energized with the feeling that comes when you walk into your blessing(s).

There's so much going on with me, that at times, I wonder why I work so many hours and push myself so hard.  The beauty in it all is, if I don't want or feel like working, I don't have to and I do recognize that my strength to push on is from above.

I decided to write on my blog today because I need to relax and writing helps do that for me.  I'm also documenting my journey.

As many of you know, on May 5, 2015, I ended my employment with a company that I loved dearly. I was an employee of ExxonMobil for 19 years.  I started out working for Mobil Oil, then the merger came.  I mention this part of my life because it has huge significance on where I am today.  My 14 year old son was born into the ExxonMobil world and 14 years later, I'm unemployed and starting new chapters in my life.

I have no regrets.  ExxonMobil moved to Texas and I elected not to move with them.  I couldn't leave my family and I didn't want my husband to quit his government job to join me there.  My son is at a crucial point in his life; he'll be going into high school in September and I couldn't in good conscience, take him away from the friendships he's built and the teachers who have his academic priorities in place.  It was a decision that wasn't quickly arrived upon.  It was a decision I made based on a lot of prayers.

My company took good care of me.  I dedicated 19 years to them and they truly showed me how much they appreciated me, my commitment and hard work, every year.  I thank God for the relationships I forged working there.  I thank God for the learning experiences, the exposure, the money, the gifts, the ExxonMobil (XOM) family, the traveling, the parties, the company picnics.... the list goes on.

Working for XOM afforded me opportunities I know wouldn't have crossed my path had I been with another company.  While a Mobil employee (before the merger), I was able to travel with the company.  Mobil flew me on two all expense paid trips.  One trip was to Atlanta, GA where I worked the African American Women on Tour event with my Diversity Marketing co-workers.  The other all expense paid trip was to Miami, FL.  Our Diversity Marketing group consisted of about 15 of us.  We went to Miami for diversity and inclusion training.  I had one of the best times in my life.  We were there for one week, on the beach doing our drills.  My hotel room faced the water and I remember how blessed I felt standing on the balcony watching the sun rise and set.  As a Mobil employee in the Diversity Marketing Department, I traveled to different gas station events we'd set up at.  The music, the giveaways, the people coming through...... those were the days and a lot of fun!

XOM encouraged me to take advantage of training they offered.  If they didn't offer a course, each supervisor would tell me to let them know if there was something off site I wanted to attend and I could.  Again, I took full advantage of all opportunities presented.

I remember when I hit my 10 year service anniversary.  I decided I wanted to have my company lunch celebration at Legal Seafood.  I could invite anyone I wanted and so I invited my section and my family.  I was happy to have my parents and siblings there to celebrate with me.  I still have the menu and pictures of that blessed day/event; my name is on the menu, it was personalized for me.

I met one of my best friends during my Mobil days.  We're still dear friends today.  She's my son's Godmother.  God placed me in her life and she in mine.  She's my Sister in Christ and I'll never forget how we met.....  Let me share that with you.

Back in Mobil days, I was the social butterfly of the office.  I knew pretty much everyone and I wasn't born with a shy bone so no one was off limits to me.  In the cafeteria one day, I see this young lady all alone, looking a little shy and lonely.  She was trying to figure out what to order for lunch.  I'd never seen her before and because she looked so shy and lonely, I decided to go over to her and introduce myself.  I did and we've been friends ever since.  I've known her 18 years now.  That's a long time and even though we don't talk often, I know that if I needed her, she'd be there for me and vise versa.  I love her very much and this she knows.  I'm glad God had me in the right place at the right time to connect to her.  She's been a blessing in my life ever since.

Another dear friend I worked with was in the group I was hired into.  This woman has truly been a star in my life.  She and I don't talk often but I know that she's there if I need her and vise versa.  She used to tutor my daughter in Mathematics.  She attended my daughter's high school graduation party.  She's truly an angel.   She's such a humble person, full of God's love.  I'm not sure I know of another who's as loving and giving as she is.  I love this lady like she's a member of my family.  God places people in your life for a reason or a season..... she's an angel on earth so she's God's reason.

I have another friend who too used to work for XOM; another dear relationship very meaningful to me.  This lady is 20 years younger than I am and only 3 years older than my daughter.  I love her too.  She's like a younger Sister to me.  Our backgrounds are diverse, our cultures totally different but what we have in common is the love we have for the Lord.  I've learned so much from her, even some words in her language.  Her daughter calls me "Auntie Cindy" and I love them both very much.

These three ladies weren't placed in my life by happenstance but by God's plan for my life.  Unknowingly, each woman has helped me to grow on my journey.  I walk away from XOM feeling proud of the relationships I've forged over the years and even the short term ones that blew away with the breeze once I pulled out the parking garage for the last time.

I could go on and on about my life as an XOM employee, that's just how proud I was and still am to have been a part of such a diverse company that had my best interest at heart.

I'm sure you heard the saying - when one door closes, God opens another.....  By not working for XOM anymore, I have the time to devote to being a business owner of three businesses.  I am the proud owner of Cindy's Simple Pleasures, LLC, Petals by Cindy, LLC and I have an unfranchise business with Market America.

God has placed me in a position where I can work from home doing what I love.  Who knew I'd take on owning three businesses?  I pray that God will continue blessing me with whatever my purpose is that He has for me.  I believe that while I'm home working my businesses, that God will continue to guide my footsteps in the direction in which he wants me to travel.

May God bless you and keep you.  Until the next blog entry, I'm faithfully dedicated to His will.