Saturday, March 17, 2018

Humbly Yours by Val Crawford

ABBA FATHER, I thank YOU for the opportunity to share YOU again. Thank YOU for showing me my own issues and more importantly for extending YOUR Forgiving Love at the same time. Speak LORD! YOUR servant-daughter is listening! Decrease me and Increase YOU through my writing and allow the words that come from it to strengthen another (and me); to grow another (and me) and to cause us to be a greater reflection of YOU and YOUR Love in all our ways, in the matchless Name LORD JESUS.

Let us not be weary in well-doing, for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Galatians 6:9

Much like a stubborn, two-year-old, I really did not want to engage in this particular lesson. I tried to find and follow an alternate path but this one wore on me. I've learned that the most challenging lessons - when the words seem to be pressing against your own window - are the hardest to share. Likewise, I realized that where there is no test, there really is no testimony. And, too, if you have never been hurt, you haven't really learned to forgive.

Now, in all honesty, that last one was a lesson that I’d rather pass on! If I have to be hurt, nevermind! But alas, I could not. My Spiritual Mom says it this way, like the scriptures say - We 
"must needs go through Samaria'…"

My sons grew up in the Boy Scouts of America. They all started out as Tiger Cubs. And we determined early in their Scouting careers that they would not be just scouts, but that they all would goal for and attain the rank of Eagle. An Eagle is the highest rank and most rare of Scouts, with only two percent of all boys in the world reaching that level. To earn this rank, one must complete a series of activities. At the completion of each activity, you earn a badge. A young man may choose any combination of badges to reach his goal. Most of the activities are loads of fun for the guys - camping, hiking, archery.

Others call for more thought and attention to a task and are designed to stretch a person beyond his own self-imposed boundaries. These are the required badges. They are the badges you must earn… if you want to matriculate from 2nd/1st class to Star to Life to Eagle Scout. You “must needs go through Samaria.”

My son, Daniel’s ‘boundary-stretching Samaria,’ was swimming. We discovered, around age 13 that Daniel was not particularly fond of large bodies of water. He didn’t care for dinner cruises, paddle-boat rides or … swimming. That was a problem because we needed that badge to complete the requirements for his Eagle. I am happy to report that my son faced his aversion to water activities, took lessons, added a swimming badge to his Scouting resume and attained the rank of Eagle Scout in 2013.

This is a lesson that I have periodically drawn from (thank you, Daniel). Sometimes, you must go to it or through it – whatever ‘it’ may be. There have been times that I was afraid (to show my vulnerability). There were other instances that I just didn’t want to! “I mean – Really, LORD?? YOU want me to do this, or say that?!? REALLY? Don’t YOU remember how many times I did that… and the response I got in return?? Don’t YOU remember how it made me feel?

In short, Paul is telling us in Galatians 6, “Well – yeah… GOD DOES know how often you have availed your Self. Yes - HE does know how many times you have set your personal needs aside for the desires of others. And YES – HE especially remembers how deeply you were hurt when you gave your very best to those that you loved so much, only to have them walk away without as much as a ‘thank you.’

Yes - GOD does know and it's why HE had Paul to warn us to “… not be weary…”

Webster’s online definition of ‘weary’ includes the following:

“Annoyed by something because you have seen, heard or done it many times.” A synonym for weary is sapped – to gradually weaken a person’s strength or power.

Okay! Now I get it! Don’t allow the good you do to drain you of your strength and power. Don’t allow your graciousness to others to become such an annoyance that you are unwilling to assist someone when you see a need.

The fact of the matter is – you might not be recognized right away. You may very well never hear the ‘thank you’ or ‘feel’ the gratitude. Somewhere along the way, you might even get your feelings hurt… but please – don’t give up. In due season, if you don’t faint (weaken), you will reap. Somewhere along the way, your efforts will be acknowledged and your hard work will be recognized.

One day, when you least expect it (and probably from a different source), your hard work, your generosity, your kindness will receive the acknowledgment it deserves. One day, you will get your swimming badge and find yourself soaring above mountain tops… like the Eagle that you are! (Thanks, Daniel!)

Val Crawford
Contributing Writer

Friday, March 16, 2018

Q: What is a teachable spirit? I was told that I didn’t have a teachable spirit… could you explain?

Signed: C.P. ~ Willing to Learn

A: I commend you for wanting to know about your spirit. It’s not easy to accept criticism from others for yourself. Having a teachable spirit simply means that you are not willing to listen and learn from others. You are possibly giving off the vibe that you don’t need anyone or you can do it all. You may feel like what someone is telling you is unimportant. This can sometimes be perceived as rude and arrogant.

However, this may be the opposite of who you are. You may be a person that doesn’t like to burden anyone. You may be a person that is trying to do it all but with good intentions. Evaluate your personality and see if you can see yourself the way others see you. How do you handle constructive criticism? Do you dispute or simply try to make your point in discussions? Are you a team builder? These are just a few questions that you can begin with. Also, reach out to the person/people who shared their views with you. Ask them what is it that they see?

Until next time, laugh, live and love life!



Trinette Collier Green is a Certified Relationship Stylist
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Friday, March 9, 2018

Q: What are some ways women can connect with each other without the drama?

Signed: A.N. ~ No Drama

A: Believe it or not, there are many ways to connect with each other without the drama! I know the world sees women as petty, dramatic, argumentative and downright nasty towards one another but that is far from the truth. Women all over the world are eager to connect and prove to the world that we can unite and be drama free. However, there are still those that choose to not represent the positive. Listed below are some ways that you can connect and as always, pray about your connections.

  1. Visit Women Ministries of friends and participate in their calendar events.
  2. Get involved in charitable events for women and children.
  3. Connect with women groups on social media. Social media CAN be used for good.
  4. Gather up your girlfriends and make monthly plans for dinner, movies, plays, etc…
  5. Start your own group.
Until next time, laugh, live, and love life!


Trinette Collier Green is a Certified Relationship Stylist
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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Theo's Sports Corner by Theo Abbott

The 2018 D.C. United Team is excited about the New Season and their New Home.

There is an excitement surrounding soccer in Washington DC. The 2018 D.C. United season will be United’s 23rd in existence and in playing in Major League Soccer (MLS). The 2018 season will be the team’s first season playing at Audi Field after playing 22 years at RFK stadium. Audi Field is the new home for United. The state-of-the-art facility has a capacity of 20,000 fans and will feature 31 luxury suites.

The 2018 team is looking to bounce back from a disappointing 2017 season where they did not make the playoffs. DC United has had success over the years winning four Major League Soccer Cups. The team is led by head coach and former MLS star Ben Olsen. United is paying preseason games now but the games actually count when the regular season begins on March 3, 2018, vs. Orlando City. DC United made various offseason moves to bring in players to improve the team. However, their best and most well-known player, goalkeeper Bill Hamid, will be missed. Hamid departed to play soccer overseas.

United got rid of some aging veterans and brought in some youth including Junior Moreno, Yamil Asad to go along with talents Ian Harkes and Luciano Acosta. The team was also able to make trades for proven players Frederic Brillant and Darren Mattocks. The team is excited about the potential for the 2018 season if all the talent comes together. United can not wait for fans to come visit their new digs at Audi Field. Will DC United bounce back from last year’s disappointing season? That remains to be seen.

Theo Abbott
Contributing Writer 

Monday, March 5, 2018

Divine Wellness by Traci A. Fonville

 What’s the Stigma?

Change the way you see things and the things you see will change.
-Wayne Dyer

Stigma is defined as a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality or person. It’s used most often as a way to attach a negative connotation to something… usually, something that is either not well liked or understood. Such is the case with natural health and healing, including an area that I am particularly partial to, essential oils.

As a Wellness Advocate for a well-known essential oil company, the stigma I’ve found attached to our products is that of disbelief of credible evidence that they work, as well as how powerful they could be for our emotional and physical health. Now don’t push pause right here. This is surely not a ploy to rush to the website and buy! My purpose is to shatter the stigma of essential oils and perhaps many other products or ideas that you may find questionable due to unfamiliarity or the stigma that has been attached to them.

Normally when faced with an illness, what do you do? You go to the doctor, pick up a prescription, take the medication, and voila! You are cured... or so you think. But what if you were given an opportunity to learn about solutions to your minor aches, pains, and illnesses so that you can truly manage your self-care and healing at home, without the meds that sometimes cause side effects? Would you explore it? Or would you question its credibility? Not dismissing conventional health care at all, but just to give you options to help your mind, body, and spirit use its innate power to heal. Typically, we don’t think of our bodies being able to overcome illnesses without a pill. We want to be well immediately without waiting. Allowing time for rest and rejuvenation is unheard of as society has placed so many “have to’s” on our plates, that we barely have time to breathe.

Holistic healthcare addresses the underlying problem of the
disease. What’s causing it? What is the root of the problem? Are the triggers for the discomfort emotional or physical? Once uncovered, appropriate methods of treatment are suggested, which could be anything from acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy and yes, essential oils, and that’s only a few modalities to choose from. The stigma that is attached to all things holistic, in my opinion, originates with society’s view that our current healthcare system is the only way to go. To that I say, give me some options. I’d rather be able to choose between one or the other or have a combination of both if I feel that’s what my body needs. My body, my choice.

So don’t close your mind to an alternative way of thinking. Essential oils, plant medicine, can be so powerful when added to your self-care. Minor discomforts such as headaches, digestive issues, achy joints and so much more, can all be supported at home by these precious gifts given to us by mother earth. Be adventurous and try cupping, detox programs, juicing, Chinese herbs, yoga, and homeopathy! Do your own research and find doctors to support your personal health plan.

Just don’t let the stigma fool you!

Traci A. Fonville
Contributing Writer

Traci A. Fonville is a board certified holistic health coach, a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a registered yoga teacher. She is the owner of I Affirm Wellness, which specializes in health coaching and beginner yoga classes. She is a Wellness Advocate for dōTERRA Essential Oils and educates on proper usage and benefits. Traci is also a Brand Ambassador for ItWorks! Follow Traci on Instagram and Facebook @iaffirmwellness. Log onto her websites for health and wellness products at and

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Model P31 Moms by Bridget McCray

What Do You Expect?

Have you ever told your children to do something and their understanding of what was supposed to be done was different from yours?  Did you feel frustrated?    

For example: Let’s say that I told my children to fold the towels and put them away.  Then later, when I looked into the linen closet, I grunted and started to mumble to myself about it.  Why?  The towels were not rolled into balls and thrown into the linen closet but had been folded and put where they were supposed to be, as requested.  

If you are anything like I am, frustration would happen, because I would see folded towels that were not perfectly matched at the corners, nor perfectly stacked, one on top of the other.  In other words, it wouldn’t have been done exactly as I wanted it done.  Hmmm…

Last fall, my family and I participated in a community service project as part of the church where we are members.  My children and I volunteered to serve at a bus barn for the local school district.  We were supposed to sweep the busses and clean the windows.    

My 11-year old declared that she wanted to have a turn at sweeping, so I let her.  As I watched her, I reminded her that a broom does work the same way as a Swiffer dry mop does.  She made adjustments, but I kept making comments about how she was doing the job, and they weren’t positive comments.

A few minutes later, she told me that she didn’t want to sweep anymore. At that moment, I could not understand why, because she was initially so excited about doing it.  I told her that she’d have to give a good reason why she should switch back to cleaning the windows before I allowed her to do so.  Looking at me apprehensively, she quietly said, “Mom, you keep getting on to me.”

Completely oblivious to what I’d just done, I grumbled that it was because she didn’t want to be corrected.  She continued to help but did not sweep anymore.  It still hadn’t clicked for me.

On a totally different subject that evening, I asked my husband a question, since I know he’ll give a truthful, yet gentle answer.  Part of what he said was that I’m too critical of myself, that if I don’t do something “perfectly,” I tend to give up and do something else.

Oh my goodness!  It was then that the Holy Spirit convicted me.  That’s when “the light bulb turned on” in my head!  I realized that that’s exactly what I’d done to our daughter that morning, and it drained all the joy she had for serving in that area.  I wanted to crawl under the nearest rock!!

I felt so ashamed of myself.  That certainly was not my intention, yet that’s exactly what happened.  I went to her in tears to apologize with specificity for what I’d done and to ask her for forgiveness, which she graciously granted.  I also asked her if she’d help me to do better, to which she smiled and gave a big hug.

Without even being aware of what I was doing, I was imposing perfectionism onto my daughter.  Who could live up to that??  Not once did I applaud her effort, and she really did try hard.  I just continued to let her know that she was falling short of my expectations.  That was some message to send, especially during a community outreach event.  No more!  That attitude of mine had to change!

What do I expect now when my children have an assignment, whether it’s homework, chores, or serving others in our community?  Simply put, it’s their best effort.  Respect and kindness are understood.  They have my permission to expect the same from me.

I’m so grateful for forgiveness, so grateful for the opportunity to be a mom, and so grateful for the chance to learn and grow every day.  Goodbye, Perfectionism.  You are no longer welcome here!

How about you: What do YOU expect?

Bridget McCray
Contributing Writer

Connect with Verse - Poetry Corner! Featuring Glacia Townsend!


He took it by force! It was not of your will

So why have you lived years as if it is an ill?

You are living with the pain still giving him power

While you bathe time after time crying in the shower

In your mind, you still believe you did something wrong

Trying to scrub off all of that dirt so you can move on

But you were not dirty he was the dirty one

He took your innocence before your life begun

Getting caught up, and lost through the years

You learned to turn your pain inward instead of tears

You felt like your cry was not loud enough

And if that did not kill you, it would only make you tough

However, during those years you got lost somewhere in the shuffle

You became a people pleaser because your story was muffled

You felt ashamed and embarrassed around the few people that knew

Wishing that had not happened to anyone, ESPECIALLY YOU

Your teenage years progressively got worse

You had died but no one noticed because you did not leave in a hearse

Your soul had died but the human eye could not see

That you were just a shell with your inside empty

You did not learn who you were because that meant dealing with the pain

So every time you saw a storm you would run from the rain

However, you did gain strength in other ways

Just so, you could make it through your days

You became a controller so no one could control you

Even the door that brought you pain you gained power to

You begin to learn the art of sex well

But the invisible shackles still had you in a mental hell

You feared to say the powerful word NO

Because you buried the past but you did not let it go

From time to time, certain things would still spark a nerve

You became complacent and settled for less than you deserved

Never really learned what you liked or really wanted

Because of your past, you were still haunted

You never learned your true value or your worth

The Goddess that you are the mother of earth

Analyzing yourself, you said you are like grits

You take on the flavor of whatever fits

Raped the first time, very lost and confused

Emotionally scared and very badly bruised

The second time oh no it could not be

Out of all the women in the world, God why me?

The third time overwhelmed and just plain numb

Asking where is all of this coming from

No longer fighting because you gave up your will

While he lays on top of you and your body just still

You have focused on the lamp way across the room

Because the physical and mental pain was just too
much for you to consume

The 4th time the 5th time oh you just can’t count anymore

You left feeling dirty and your whole body is just sore

You look in the mirror to see if there is a sign on your face
What makes your temple Satan’s dwelling place

Demons being released time after time

Your body becoming the home of sexual crime

Your mind has built its own recycle bin

When the pain seems unbearable, you toss it, right in

However, you have not emptied it, so the baggage you begin to carry
Light on the outside but the inside quite the contrary
You just wanted someone to love you for whoever you were

But you did not love yourself because of the things that occurred

Not knowing you became an addict to affection and attention

This caused self-destruction beyond your own comprehension

You gave affection in abundance and you wanted it back

You begin to feign for it like a junky feigning for crack

You were almost to the point of selling your soul
That’s when you realized you had given God total control

You had to face what was deep down at the core

Because through the years, your inner cry you to
begin to ignore

Written by Glacia Townsend 
February 12, 2002

Friday, March 2, 2018

Q: How do you accept compliments from men without thinking that they are trying to get with you?

Signed: G.C.~ Compliment Challenged

A: To begin, we need to understand that there are still great and RESPECTABLE men out here that admire beautiful women. Men are visual creatures and when they see something and like it, they have a tendency to voice that. Now, there are times when a man crosses the line with unwanted sexual tones. This then becomes harassment and/or sexual harassment. If a man compliments you and it makes you uncomfortable, ask yourself what made you feel that way? Was it his voice? The way that he looked as he spoke to you? Did he include a touch? Why did you think he wanted more?

For example, at one point in my life, I was very self-conscience of my curvy figure. I found myself receiving compliments that made me very uncomfortable and I began to group all men as sexual predators. I always thought that when a man complimented me on my hair, my dress/clothes, smile, or whatever, he had a motive; a motive to harm me. This was because of some past unresolved issues. However, it took the intervention of some close male friends to help me understand men and why they were complimenting me. I realized that I didn’t know my own beauty and worth but others could see it. They also assured me that all men are NOT the same.

So, moving forward, start a self-inventory and think about your first compliment that you received; how did you handle it and what was the outcome? Remember, all men are NOT creeps :)

Until next time, laugh, love, and live life!

Love ya!

Trinette Collier Green is a Certified Relationship Stylist
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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Humbly Yours by Val Crawford

ABBA FATHER, Thank YOU for another chance. Thank YOU for a new opportunity to share with another about YOUR Wonderful Grace and Compassion toward us! And now FATHER, YOU be Glorified by the words that come from this writing - in the matchless Name LORD JESUS!

Hear, my children, the instruction of a father, And give attention to know understanding; ...
Get wisdom! Get understanding! Do not forget, nor turn away from the words of my mouth.  Do not forsake her, and she will preserve you; Love her, and she will keep you. Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.
Proverbs 4:1; 5-7 (NKJV)

Getting It!

A moment of transparency... I don't like Math.  I don't have a problem with Addition or Subtraction, Multiplication, or even Division. But Algebra and Geometry? Either I'm reading a book or completing a Math equation. I don't need letters in my Math! And now? The things that they are doing to our children in the name of Math - oh my!

Now... PLEASE - don't be offended by my attempt at humor! Don't write Cindy and offer to tutor me or to pay for me to attend Sylvan learning center. I am okay... and if your new way of doing Math gets your checkbook to balance at the end of the month... KUDOS to you! I am just 'borrowing' Math for my illustration because when it comes to Advanced Maths, Trigonometry, Common Core... I just... DON'T Get It.

When I was a child and in school back in the day, every chapter of my school books had a quiz section to test and reinforce your comprehension. But one day, I recall discovering something wonderful! Some of our books (particularly my M-A-T-H book) had - hidden behind the glossary - an answer section! You could actually look back there and get the answers to those wretched Math questions!

But I had a problem - three really:
Problem 1 - The back of the book only gave me every other answer;
Problems 2 & 3 - My Teachers and My Mother - INSISTED that I work out my Math problems to show HOW I got my answer! The NERVE! If I didn't know better, one might think that they didn't trust me to not... cheat! And the fact of the matter is that they all would have been spot on! I WAS planning on… utilizing less than honorable tactics in the acquisition of my responses.

I didn't get it. The answer section was not there to help me to cheat. It was there to help me - once I worked out the problem on my own - check my work and, if it was wrong, redo it before my Mom reviewed it or Mrs. Morgan graded it. Stealing the answer from the back of the book would never have helped me to understand how to do simple things for myself. The fact was Mom and Mrs. Morgan were not the enemies of my recreation. What they wanted was for me to get "an understanding".

I think that is what King Solomon is trying to relate to us through Proverbs 4 when he urges us to "Pay attention... Get Wisdom and in all your getting, get Understanding!"

I was sharing with my Cousin Beloved one evening after I went to hear him speak. I made the comment to him that, "You have really 'learned' me some things!" He laughingly corrected and teased me about our SouthEast DC origins, "No matter what we've done in life or how far we go, we're still from SE, right?" My reply made him chuckle, too: "No sir! You could be 'teaching' me til you turned blue, and I wouldn't get - no - you LEARNED me some things!"

I think that is what Solomon (and Mom and Ms. Morgan) want for us - to more than just 'hear' a lesson. To be more than just taught but to be 'learned'. To more than just hear what our Pastors, Teachers, and Elders are trying to impart but to be motivated by their wisdom. Then, because we have invited and allowed the wisdom to sink in when life issues come upon us, we will have a clear understanding of positive next steps.

Wisdom is the primary thing, so in all your getting, get understanding.

Val Crawford
Contributing Writer

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Mindset Matters by Cassandra Williams-Herbert

February the month of Love

For years, February has been the month dedicated to show love. As a child, we are taught to love ourselves first, to understand who we are and what we want to be, enlightened with the greatness of living and loving life.

Love is a deep appreciation for how you love others as we love ourselves. That's a lot to consider when you're trying to understand what love really is in your life.

and Life are about an educational journey of self-discovery. It’s not selfish to love ourselves. It's understood that when you love yourself first, life becomes clearer for you; we're able to open up our hearts to love other people that we encounter in our lives. I found that when you start loving yourself, the world around you begins to change for the better.

Unfortunately, many of us will not love ourselves until a true awareness takes place in your life. Love is also in company with trauma when you lose something or someone special in our life. Love takes on a whole new meaning. I asked a loved one why she was distanced from the family over the years. Her response was “I am not sure; just living life.” That was until the love of her life was killed in an accident. Family and Love came with another meaning and understanding. The family she left behind was the family that showed pure love and support during her time of an unexpected misfortune.

When love is authentic you can use peace, hurt, pain, frustration and troublesomeness times to motivate you, rather than upset you; finding purpose in every situation.  

 I believe that all of us have a choice to bring about change. To choose to love or not to love or choose to find excuses for what love is not; one thing love is is a word of action. Love brings joy to your soul. Love is one of the most powerful forces that connect the world.

 Love is a mindset that takes action. I encourage you to love Unconditionally 365 days not just in the month of February. God is Love Every Day!

Cassandra Williams Herbert
Contributing Writer 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Connect with Verse - Poetry Corner! Featuring Wynette Williams

Catch A Bubble

When you feel fear
Catch A Bubble
When negative thoughts come
Catch A Bubble
When you're in the storm 
Catch A Bubble
When God Speaks, Listen
Catch A Bubble
In your season, you will find out what will 
Be in store and you will break through like never before.
So for that reason...
Peace Be Still And 

Catch A Bubble 

Written by: Wynette Williams

Friday, February 23, 2018

Q: I need help but don’t know how to ask. How do I ask for help?

Signed: M.B. ~ Afraid to Ask

A: Believe it or not, you actually took the first step in asking for help! Now, depending on what type of help you are seeking, I am unable to help you do that. However, whatever it is that you are needing at this time, you can utilize the resources that you currently have. Is it financial, spiritual, health-related, or personal growth that you need help with? Evaluate what it is that you are needing, look at your resources and move forward with that. Sometimes, the help you are looking for is staring right at you, we just have to open our mouths and ask without the fear. Stay in prayer, ask God to guide you and He will send you what you need.

Until next time, laugh, live and love life. You only have one to live!

Love ya,
Ask AunT

Trinette Collier Green is a Certified Relationship Stylist
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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Humbly Yours by Val Crawford

Thank YOU, LORD GOD for a new opportunity to share YOU. Thank YOU for Grace, Mercy, Hope, and Faith. Speak now LORD for THY servant daughter is listening! Please use me to minister outwardly and inwardly; to grow and minister to others. Strengthen us in YOUR Word and allow YOUR Will to be examples of YOUR LOVE on this side of Life! Do it Now ABBA and we will continue to give YOU all the Honor, all the Glory, and all the Praise! It is in the Matchless name LORD JESUS that I ask and thank YOU for it all! This is what the Lord says ...

Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
I have summoned you by name; you are MINE.
When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned... For I am the LORD your GOD, the HOLY ONE of Israel, your SAVIOR" - Isaiah 43:1-3 (NIV)

Don't Stop Moving

Fearfulness... sometimes when one thinks about all the things and people that they are up against and what is up against them, it can be almost paralyzing! BUT these days, I am recognizing something. I am relieved to know that when I pass through the waters, GOD will be with me and when I pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over me..."

That is good news to me! 'Things' come and always will but we can be assured that 'there will be Glory after this!' Even when we walk through the fire, the Word Promises that we won't be burned. ABBA promises to be with us just like HE was with the three Hebrews in Nebuchadnezzar's furnace! And IF HE is with us when we go through the furnace, we will come out just like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in Daniel 3 - unsigned and not even smelling like smoke.

The thing that has been repeating to me in Isaiah 43 (and in Daniel 3) was 'movement'... I think that is the lesson for me here today.

Don't Stop Moving! Isaiah tells us that GOD's message to us is "... when you p-a-s-s through the waters... when you
p-a-s-s through the rivers... when we w-a-l-k through the fire... HE will be with us! So, don't stop moving!

In Daniel 3, when King Nebuchadnezzar looked in the furnace, he said he saw FOUR men WALKING around. Those Hebrew men didn't allow that incredibly frightening circumstance to stop their trust or belief in our Almighty GOD. They believed that GOD would be with them - even in the fire and they didn't stop moving. Don't stop moving! The same way GOD was with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego; the same way HE was with Moses and Joshua; the same way GOD was with Daniel, HE will be with you and me! ABBA told Isaiah to tell you and me that HE will be with us! Through the Fire and the Flood - GOD The FATHER will be with us!

A few years ago, my Pastor, Anthony G. Maclin preached a sermon, "Don't Mess with My Momentum!" At the beginning of the sermon, he provided the definition of the word, 'momentum'...

Momentum - the force or energy that something (or someone) has when it is moving; the strength or force that allows something (or someone) to continue to grow stronger or faster as time passes.

Momentum - growing stronger as time passes! Do NOT stop moving! GOD has not given up on you! Do not give up on yourself!

I didn't think about it when I was watching Charlton Heston in the Ten Commandments but, in all honesty, if I was one of the Israelites at the Red Sea, I might not have been immediately inclined to "walk through the waters..." I may very well have run in the opposite direction - right back into the hands of my enemies. Or - I may have stood stock still - and ended up in the hands of my enemies. The Good News is that GOD knows that about us! When the Egyptians were pursuing them, GOD got between the Israelites and their enemy in a pillar of fire, which actually served two purposes:

A. It blocked the Egyptians - stopping their momentum;

B. It pushed the Israelites forward - INCREASING their momentum!

So I will offer (and take) this lesson from Shadrach (and 'em), and the Israelites, and Isaiah:

WHEN GOD gives you a push - DO NOT STOP! 

I will push through my fear and the paralysis of not doing because, like Isaiah said in chapter 43, GOD knows my name and has redeemed me to HIMSELF! WHEN I pass through the fire, HE IS with me!

Whatever you are facing - - Don't stop moving! 

Whatever is facing you - Please - Don't stop moving!

Keep Praying! Keep Trusting! Keep Believing! 

Do NOT Stop!!!

Val Crawford
Contributing Writer

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sisters of Worth Empowerment Conference

On behalf of the phenomenal women of Souls Inspiring Sisterlove, Inc., we greet you and introduce our organization. Souls Inspiring Sisterlove, Inc. was created by seven ladies who bonded together in true sisterhood and love.

We are nonprofit. Our 501 (c) (3) organization is committed to inspiring sisterhood among women worldwide through encouragement, empowerment, and education. Our mission is to globally support, nurture, and inspire women of all ages seeing no color or creed; to embrace love, healing, effective communication, unity, compassion, and sisterhood.

We are excited to announce our 2018 Sisters of Worth (SOW) Empowerment Conference focusing on total health, wealth and wellness for women.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Cindy's Featured Artist of the Week - Lauren Hunt


(Hunt’s Over the Top) Theatre for Children is a vision that was placed in Lauren’s heart many years ago. As a passionate educator who had been impacted by Theatre herself, Lauren wanted to share the gift of theatre with as many children as possible. Lauren previously worked at a private school in Marietta, GA, known as Destiny Academy. During her time there, she had the opportunity to work with many children ages 1-5. She introduced Destiny students to Theatre and the children, along with their parents fell in love with the stage. 

The parents at Destiny Academy encouraged Lauren to branch out and open her own performing arts space. Stepping out on faith, Lauren opened HOTT Theatre in August of 2014. Lauren has worked with many children, but her HOTT Theatre babies hold a dear place in her heart. She loves watching them grow on and off the stage, but most importantly in Christ. 

Lauren decided later to start the most career-changing event called Rep Your Act. She gives adults and children the opportunity to showcase their talents to professionals in the industry who could potentially give that actor the opportunity they have been searching for. Rep Your Act will take place November 3, 2018, at the Theater in the Square. Be sure to register if you are looking for the opportunity to be placed in front casting directors, agents, and more who could potentially change these actors careers for the best.

Visit and click on registration or email for more information

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Connect with Verse - Poetry Corner!

Connect with Verse - Poetry Corner! Featuring Cindy H. Reed

Pieces of a dream, so real it seems, so easy for me to remember.

You loved me with all your heart, there was nothing that could tear us apart, our chemistry was oh so right. We were inseparable soul mates, caring, loving and sharing with each other. Respecting, trusting, and most of all, we were friends.

What a beautiful dream - oh how real it seems, my puzzle is once again forming. I will sleep, just to keep each treasured piece coming.

My dream is almost complete because it seems so real, and its so easy for me to remember.

Creating Designs with your Peace in Mind by Wynette Dawson

It's mid-February and spring is nearly approaching. You get home from a long work day and find yourself in your quiet space to decompress with your glass of wine or cup of tea. You kick your shoes off, you're ready to unwind from the day but then you notice "The Chair". 
Yes, everyone knows the chair.

You often find yourself piling it up, not intentionally but it has a mountain of clothing that didn't quite reach the closet. You have books that didn't find their way to the reading nook, better yet, a few toys from the kids that played quietly so you didn't notice that the toys didn't make it to their playroom. You start to itch and say out loud, "Oh Lord, this mess is so not me." 

Out comes the duster and Swiffer Mop and all your cleaning products galore. After that's done you say to yourself, "Hmmm, this room is boring, it needs a little bit more." So you quickly run out to your favorite linen or home supply store, with ideas that you've brainstormed. You're on a budget so you can't buy out the whole store, but a few items will do for now.

It's all about color to bring this room back to life! Vibrant yet elegant; yes that will suffice. You pick out new sheer turquoise curtains to cover the window that you like to look out and watch the sunset. You pick up a cute turquoise pillow and thermal blanket to decorate "the chair" that is a white microfiber material and you tell yourself it will no longer be neglected because now it has style. 

Completed, you push the chair over to your window just in time to watch the sunset with your glass of wine and notepad as you begin to write your "to-do-list" and unwind. Next time you'll add a bit more because this is an empty room with decorations to explore!

Wynette Dawson
Contributing Writer

Friday, February 16, 2018

Q: How does a person stay true to self?

Signed: F.P. ~ Self Love

A: This is a good question and one that many of us struggle with over time. Staying true to self-seems like an easy task but it's really not.

We learn who we are through life experiences. These experiences will mold us over the course of time, challenging us as we learn who you are. We grow, make mistakes, learn to forgive and move forward. During these moments, we sometimes forget to remain true to self because we’ve built our life based on friends, family, and other relationships. We tend to find ourselves trying to please everyone, losing our identity, self-worth and more.

How does a person stay true to self? Be completely honest with your feelings about life and the things that take place in your life. Your relationships with people, your wants/desires, dreams/goals, and more. Take charge of who you are by believing in yourself. Build a wall of resilience because life will find a way to beat you down if you allow it. Establish a regimen of positive affirmations, prayers, or mantras that will help you with your true identity. Surround yourself with a village of friends and family who will build you in truth, not what you are wanting to hear but your truth. Live and walk in your truth daily. Remember that everyone will not accept your true self and it’s ok.

Until next time, I’ll chat with you later! Always laugh, live, and love life…you only have one to live.

Love ya,

Ask AunT

Trinette Collier Green is a Certified Relationship Stylist
Submit your questions to

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Raise 'Em and Praise Him - Testimony Tuesday! Featuring: Rayvon Carter

I recently went over my church contributions for last year and was reminded that on Sunday, January 1, 2017, I had exactly 90 cents in my bank account. 

I gave 9 cents to my church anyway during tithes and offering. 

I had a Bachelor’s and a Master’s and was not yet working in my field even though I had been out of school for two years. 

I had gone on first, second, third and fourth interviews and was told I didn’t have enough experience. 

I watched as people made statuses about new jobs and pay raises and new cars and got frustrated. 

The enemy tried to trick me into believing God forgot about me, I was being punished, and that I wasn’t deserving of God’s grace and favor. 

But God. 

I felt frustrated. I was uncomfortable. I was embarrassed. 

But I didn’t stop praying — I stayed true to what I knew to be true. I began to increase my prayer life and stand firmly on the Word of God. I had made up in my mind that I was gonna stick with Him despite what it looked like. 

2017 started off with me having 81 cents after I paid tithes and offering. 

Yet today is my one year anniversary at Apple. In my field. Doing what I love. 

I don’t know what it is that may have you feeling down, but I want you to be encouraged. 

Pray up. Faith up. Glory up. Repeat.