Sunday, August 20, 2017

Cindy's Featured Artist of the Week - Angie


Angie Redmond is a figurative and portrait artist from Chicago, IL. She received her Masters of the Science degree in Digital Art from Knowledge Systems Institute in Skokie, IL and a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Studio Art (emphasizing in oil painting) from Albion College in Albion MI. 

It was during her final year of college where she met the professor who she credits for helping her develop her style of painting; Michael Dixon. Her pieces are representational, expressive, and contain both oil paintings and drawings.

Angie uses her personal experiences to focus her artwork on various social issues within a culture. For example, the subject of natural African American hair is a reoccurring theme within her art. Having natural hair herself, she's faced a lot of ridicule and negative views towards her coils. Drawing from those experiences, Angie creates paintings and drawings to celebrate natural hair for its unique distinctiveness and beauty.

It's the thick texture and vibrant colors of the oil paint and the love for the complexity of humanity that keeps the brush in her hand! She uses her personal narrative to honor her race and celebrate all of the human spirits.

Her artwork has been shown nationally in various museums, galleries, and universities ranging from Chicago, New York City, and Miami. She was a finalist in the first Rush Philanthropies Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series. She also exhibited artwork in the 2015 Museum of Science and Industry Black Creativity and was voted winner of the Ultimate Painting Chicago Live Painting Competition.

Angie's inspired by people and the elements of life. Whenever she sees a person with their natural hair proudly on display or the various deep expressions given by individuals going through everyday life, she immediately envisions the beauty of their image on canvas. She is also inspired by her cousin, Rob Juice (a professional Jazz Entertainer). "He always encourages me and gives me creative ideas for my art." She's also inspired by the artwork of Kara Walker, Beverly McIver, Jenny Saville, Kehinde Wiley, and Michael Dixon.

What’s next for Angie? She's working on completing her new series entitled, “Never A Bad Hair Day”. This series is celebrating the natural hair movement and will be displayed at Albion College in Albion, MI in November 2017. She is also developing her own workshop where she will teach art lovers how to paint.

Angie wrote a children’s book that focuses on natural hair that she's working on finishing the illustrations for and getting published. Along with her paintings on canvas, she also has hand-painted clutches that she will be selling on Etsy. She's building her brand by starting a YouTube channel that focuses on her journey of building her art career.

Finally, Angie's searching for gallery representation nationally and internationally. She would love to show her paintings in Paris. Her favorite quote is “Impossible is Nothing” because it reminds her that anything she wants out of life, she can make it happen with prayer and hard work and that's exactly what she intends to do!

Angie's artwork is available for purchase by sending an inquiry email to All prospective buyers can visit her website to view more artwork. Prints may be purchased through and Follow Angie on social media to see what she's up to with her talent as a figurative artist.


  1. Welcome to the SPOTLIGHT Angie! Wow what an awesome talent and nice work! God gifted! Love it.

  2. Never a Bad Hair Day! I love it!! Your art is beautiful and will forever be part of history! Congratulations! Can't wait to see it here in Atlanta!