Monday, October 2, 2017

Introducing Gigi Wilkins - Simply Cindy's Newest Team Member

It's my pleasure and honor to introduce Gigi Wilkins, who joined my team as a Contributing Writer. Gigi will write about Women's Fashion.

Gigi Wilkins was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She is an Independent Healthcare Professional, Family Advocate, and Freelance Entertainer, who achieved her goal of becoming a Published Author August 2017. Her professional career spans over 20 years in Healthcare and Emergency Management. Gigi is a self-described Extroverted Introvert. Gigi is a mother of three; two sons who both serve in the U.S. Military and a daughter who is also an entrepreneur, studying to earn a degree in Fashion Merchandising. Gigi is often recognized for her giving nature and complimented on her great smile, and taste in almost every woman’s vice, the perfect shoe. Gigi enjoys poetry, all types of music and traveling.

Ten years ago, Gigi was introduced to acting and joined SW Casting. Gigi has worked in Texas and Georgia as background and featured talent in local commercials, movies, and television. Gigi’s faith, coupled with the encouragement of a good friend, pulled her back to her passion for writing and helping others. She repurposed the challenges of violence, poverty, and manipulation she’d endured. Gigi placed her energy in mentoring, volunteering and donating to organizations dedicated to rehabilitating families as a whole, with emphasis on the importance of a strong family unit. Gigi started her own business, SYMGI Writing Services, helping small businesses streamline their processes to increase revenue and assisting individuals entering or re-entering the workforce by providing tailored resources to assist with securing viable employment.

Gigi is completing her Bachelor’s degree In Healthcare Management and working towards her MS. In her spare time, Gigi is dedicated to improving family life in her community. She actively volunteers for the Houston Area Women’s Center; she is a Business Mentor for the Prison Entrepreneurship Program, and the Read Houston Read, Barbara Bush Program for one of the largest districts in Texas, Houston Independent School District.

In honor of her mother’s life, Gigi is currently working on initiatives such as the CSL Foundation to secure psychological counseling for children living in homes of domestic violence and divorce as well as educating women and men on the long-term effects of domestic violence. The objective is to demonstrate how the cycle of abuse transcends far beyond the immediate situation. 

Gigi has been recently featured in Beautifully Said Magazine, Sistah’s Creative Media, Cindy's Featured Artist of the Week, and interviewed by Letrise Carter on Blog Talk Radio. She is planning a book tour in the Spring of 2018. Gigi is comforted by the memories of her mother’s captivating personality and her motto in the face of opposition, “I’m not perfect, and it could be worse”. “Live life courageously, in every situation, seek Christ, Strength, and Love.”

Please connect with her via the “ASK THE AUTHOR” tab on her website, where you can also purchase her first book, “I Married My Daddy”, Journey to Self. Purchasing directly from the site, allows her to donate a portion of the proceeds to families affected by domestic violence.

You can also find her on IG: @gigi.wilkins TWITTER: @msgigiwilkins

Please help me welcome Gigi to the Simply Cindy Blog team and to our blogging community!

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