Monday, November 13, 2017

Mindset Matters by Cassandra Williams-Herbert

Living a Life of Intent by Renewing of your Mind

Are you living life with the greatest intent? Your lifestyle takes an evaluation of learning to focus on you, finding time to identify skills, values, and interests. This includes exploring options by getting connected with individuals that are walking the same path and to pursue the area that follows your desired outcome. These areas include preparing yourself, placing yourself in the right circle, fair, networking event, taking classes. The goals of all this will involve reflections and decision making for the desired life you wish to live.

One of my greatest joys is waking up living a life of intent and gratitude. We must remember to focus on the things that matter in life. In our daily lives reflects our passion motivator which is connected to our actions and decisions. The day when Intentional Living Intentionally takes priority in your life it will transform.

Living intentionally recognizes distractions that you normally would take part in the activities of wasted time and many unproductive days.

Is life fair, No. Is life perfect, No but the journey that takes you through to help you define your life purpose is defined by family, friends, daily interactions with others, setting and locations.

Recently I had a moment to reflect on life about family members and friends that I have lost too deeply take a strong aim at not taking life for granted.

After attending a funeral of a very close friend, a very strong woman of faith, all I was left with were reflections. These reflections took my attention to other past loves in my life that have past on. Individuals most live with intent, making every moment of every day of their lives matter to others and most essential to God.

Remember, tomorrow is not promised and the next minute not guaranteed. Renew your mind for living a life of intent and no regrets. "If" is such a big word; If I did, If I could, If I knew - what would you do differently? What would matter most? We should not let living life be a life lived of I did not but yet I lived a life of fulfillment; live each day with purpose and passion for a life of impact.

“Living An Intentional Lifestyle is Essential” to create a world of joy and peace. Be intentional with your life through your actions, words, thoughts, love and your mindset. 

Cassanda Williams-Hebert
Contributing Writer & Social Media Specialist, Simply Cindy Blog

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