Sunday, September 10, 2017

Cindy's Featured Artist of the Week - Gigi Wilkins


Gigi is an Independent Healthcare Professional, Family Advocate, and Freelance Entertainer. Her professional career spans over 20 years in Healthcare and Emergency Management. 

Gigi's a self-described Extroverted Introvert. She’s often recognized for her giving nature, complimented on her great smile and taste in almost every woman’s vice, the perfect shoe. Gigi enjoys poetry, jazz, and traveling. She spent a month in Germany, giving her the opportunity to refocus. Although Gigi hadn’t reached the level of professional success she’d hoped for, she realized her life circumstances never interfered with her drive to achieve and her passion for helping others. 

Almost 10 years ago, she was introduced to acting and joined SW Casting. Gigi has worked in Texas and Georgia as background and featured talent in local commercials, movies, and television. Divorced, 40, unemployed and facing empty-nest syndrome, her goal was simple, find a “good job” and continue the pursuit of higher education. Gigi’s faith pulled her in a different direction. She decided to adjust and repurpose the challenges of violence, poverty, and manipulation she’d endured. Gigi placed her energy in mentoring, volunteering and donating to organizations dedicated to rehabilitating families as a whole, with emphasis on recognizing the importance of a strong family unit. 

In honor of her mother’s life, Gigi is currently working on initiatives to educate women and men on the long term effects of domestic violence. The objective is to demonstrate how the cycle of abuse transcends far beyond the immediate situation. Gigi is comforted by the memories of her mother’s captivating personality and her motto in the face of opposition, “I’m not perfect, and it could be worse”. 

A message from Gigi

My debut novel “I Married My Daddy- A Personal Journey to Self” was released August 24, 2017. My mother and I started this journey many years ago. I want to be a voice for children who are the silent victims and create a dialog to stop the cycle of abuse and domestic violence. I hope to vividly demonstrate the importance of nurturing children during their formative years.

Is there a message I would like my readers to walk away with after reading my novel; absolutely! It’s not ok to be silent about abuse. Seek help immediately! Don’t ignore warning signs of any type of abuse, document dates, times of incidences, and seek professional counseling. Find a confidant, someone you can trust to safely defuse the situation and offer sound advice. Lastly, take safety measures to remove yourself from the abusive environment; do not allow the circumstances to escalate. You cannot recover from death.

Domestic Violence holds a special place in my heart because I’ve watched generational cycles of abuse and domestic violence destroy families, friendships, careers, and dreams. My goal is to speak to fathers. I’ve shared a few very personal situations I endured because my dad was present in the home, but absent from his responsibilities as a father, a parent, and husband. If it had not been for God, there is no telling what my life would look like today.

What advice would I give women in abusive relationships? Statistics identify the majority of victims of domestic violence as women, it is important to acknowledge that men are also victims of domestic violence and that in some situations both partners engage in a variety of violent behaviors.

In any case, it’s extremely important to seek help immediately. Counseling is a vital step for making better future life and relationship choices. It’s also important to maintain balance in the victim’s lives and the lives of the children associated with the relationship. I want women to own their value, be confident in their decisions, and never feel they have to settle.

I started a GW Project for two reasons. First, domestic violence is physical, verbal, emotional, psychological, financial, and sexual. In my home state of Texas, no matter how long you’ve been a parent and regardless of the age of the children at the time you apply for divorce, you’re required to take a parenting class before a judge will hear the case. However, there’s no requirement or measure to secure affordable counseling for the family, especially for the children involved and I want to change this.

Secondly, I want to develop a method to secure counseling for children who have parents diagnosed and or treated for mental illness, including PTSD, which is often times the catalyst for domestic violence.

What’s next for me, Gigi Wilkins the author and freelance entertainer? My day job keeps me busy along with attending college. All of this has been a blessing to me. I’m a student of life and excited about the opportunities God has placed before me! I am diligently working to complete the Personal Journey to Self-Series and trying my hand at screenplays and script writing.

Connect with me via the “Ask the Author” section on my website where my book can also be purchased. This will enable me to donate a portion of the proceeds to organizations committed to ending the cycle of violence. 

I’ve been blessed to partner with Letrise Carter; Sistah’s Creative Media/Sistah’s Place, who has helped me accomplish my goal of gaining positive media exposure. 

Instagram: gigi.wilkins 
Twitter: msgigiwilkins 


  1. Beautiful!! Congratulations on your book and many blessings!!! A testimony ready to be shared with the world!!!!

  2. Amen Amen Amen!!!!! May God's Continued blessings be upon you and your book and your life! I feel Deliverance all over this! Praising God with you!