Friday, September 29, 2017

Ask AunT

Dear AunT,

Q: When does a woman start listening to a man about how’s she’s dressing?

A: Hmmm, that's a great question with a teeny tiny problem. Listening should begin the moment you both enter into a healthy and committed relationship; usually in the courting/dating stage. As the relationship evolves, so should your expectations for each other so that new ‘ BodyCon’ dress shouldn’t come as a surprise on date night ;)

A woman should know what her significant other likes or dislikes. However, things do change and you may want to experience new looks from time to time and it’s OK! It’s ok to want to explore sexy & creative looks or just be comfortable and cute in your sneakers & sweats. It’s also acceptable to ask your mate for their opinion on what you are wearing but be mindful that whatever you choose, it should represent you AND your healthy relationship. IF the man disagrees with your choice, don’t argue, simply find creative ways to resolve the issue and if it can’t be resolved, then there is a bigger problem.

Until next time, chat with you later!


Trinette Collier Green is a Certified Relationship Stylist
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