Saturday, January 13, 2018

Beverly's Beatitudes by Beverly Branch

A mother at church told me one time these words, "Stop denying to accept, or saying no thank you when someone's offering to give to you or show their appreciation when you help them out."

When I help, I help from the heart so I don't look for returns. I was offered gas money for dropping off a few church members after church. She said, "You are BLOCKING their BLESSING!" When she put it like that, it made me think and repent! She said, "GOD could be TESTING them and their obedience!"

When you know one may be in a bind, circumstances, or doesn't have it like that, that's more of a reason to not want to take what they're offering. Even if I needed it, or I may be going through something myself, I still would not have taken it. I kept saying, "No ma'am I'm good, it's okay." The mother said, "Girl take that money from this child and allow GOD to Bless her out of her Need!" And so I did!

I smile and tell this story times over because being obedient to the voice of GOD is more important than listening to the voice of self or man! GOD will NEVER leave US nor forsake US! HE is our EVER PRESENT Help IN the time of Need, Distress, Sorrow, Lack, More than Enough, Failures, Achievements, Successes etc. There have been times I was in this very same position in life, on both sides of the fence, not knowing who, what, when, where, or how? Early on in life stressing and crying or operating in unbelief; should I or shouldn't I? Even when I was in need myself, I always extended a hand or gave what I had, even having three children, not knowing again - who, what, when, where, or how, I still sacrificed, opened up my doors, or assisted whatever the need and even when I couldn't.

But once I heard Mother Bessie speak those words to me, it did something to me, it changed something in me! It grew me, it matured me, see even in my struggle or others, I don't want to be one involved in blocking others Blessings! But I did learn this, to be more sensitive to the Spirit First, know when to and when not to, When GOD says DO IT... DO IT! It has nothing to do with You or Your Status or Situations or Circumstances! 

You know the saying - You can't help Nobody until you help Yourself! Again, this is where Discernment and Wisdom come in because GOD won't STEER YOU WRONG! I've given out of Plenty and I've given out of Less, I've given out of Great Health and I've given out of Failed Health AND EVERY TIME I DID IT, FOLLOWING THE LEADING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, I WAS SUPER BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE, DOUBLE PORTION, PRESSED DOWN, SHAKEN TOGETHER, RUNNING OVER ETC!

I would be healed as I prayed for others while attacked by a Migraine, right in the middle of praying! I would see the supernatural manifestations of blessing others come right back to me. And when my children were there to witness these acts of kindness, I made sure right there, openly and publicly, I let them know it was the hand of GOD and reminded them of the prayers we prayed. I said all this to say, you or someone you know may be in need of something. It could be anything, or you may just feel compelled to be kind to someone; God may have put in your spirit to plant, water or sow. Pray, seek HIM and follow suit. If you've already Prayed, just act. TRUST ME BUT TRUST GOD MORE. HE WILL RETURN TO YOU MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE! He sits High and Looks Low, HE sees everything, knows everything, and surely TESTS US ALL!

So if someone is Offering you Assistance, or if you're Offering Someone Assistance, Showing Gratitude, Lending a Helping Hand, Ministering, Praying, Planting, Sowing into your life, your families life, just accept it, don't worry, don't ponder, don't fret, rebuke second guesses, Don't Block Their Blessing, Messing with the Plan of GOD for their lives and yours. 

Help comes in all forms, just make sure you have the CAPACITY to receive it! It may not always look good, feel good, it can be a bit embarrassing at times, but DON'T let yourself or others bring in the spirit of shame, blame or judgment. GOD WILL BLESS YOU RIGHT OUT YOUR NEED BECAUSE WHEN GOD IS IN IT, THERE IS NO LIMIT! Thank you Mother Bessie for Planting and Watering that Seed, and Thank You GOD for Allowing it to GROW IN ME. And THANK YOU SELF FOR BEING A WILLING VESSEL! So Bless someone today but do it without looking at You, but looking at THEM! Through the eyes of GOD!


Beverly Branch
Founder of Women In Fellowship Ministries

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