Saturday, January 6, 2018

Connect with Verse - Poetry Corner! Featuring Clara Freeman

Clara Freeman

For the Many Etched In My Brain-Spills Over

girls, babies, toddlers, teens

Little Girl Lost

Walks in my dreams

tugs on my skirts

beseeches me to Speak

for her,

for others like her

sad eyes in black and brown faces

children of other races

lost little boys

lost little innocent in between-ages

fearful eyes

staring out from tear-stained faces

voiceless in the silence of neglect and abuse

the defeated

can you

feel the screams of hopeless fears

pouring from the pores

of their brutalized skins?

Help me lord guide my tongue

to humanize this little girl lost

and others like her,

her little hand tugs on my skirts,

her face tears at my heart

my soul cries

remembering eyes of sadness

the tears of your suffering

See something say something

I cry for you and for others like you

I mourn for you and for others like you

I speak prayers in your name and others like you

In hopes that you are happy in the hereafter…

*In loving memory of Semaj and others like her.

Clara Freeman

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